Sample dataset

sample data area

A sample of DigBath250 data can be downloaded under trial licence conditions from the BGS website. The area covered by the sample dataset lies within the north-west Scotland sector and is shown on the accompanying figure. It extends from a 25 kmstretch of coast near Cape Wrath for a distance of 170 to 200 kmoffshore. The area, which covers about 9500 km2 has been chosen to provide a wide range of bathymetry from the coast, across the continental shelf and down the continental slope to a maximum depth of 1500m.

It is available for downloading in ArcView and MapInfo formats. The attributes and specification of the sample dataset are the same as the principal DigBath250 dataset.

Before proceeding to download the DigBath250 sample data you have to read and accept the DigBath250 trial licence conditions and fill in your details in the accompanying windows.

If you have any queries with regard to the DigBath250 sample dataset please email