Coverage version 2.0

NW Scotland sector North North Sea sector South North Sea sector English Channel sector South-west Approaches sector Irish Sea sector

current coverage map

Click on the map sectors above to see the coverage and boundary co-ordinates for each sector in Version 2.0.

DigBath250 is divided into six sectors.

  1. Northern North Sea
  2. Southern North Sea
  3. English Channel
  4. South West Approaches
  5. Irish Sea
  6. North West Scotland

Version 2.0 includes the whole of the UK continental shelf and slope and extends into adjacent European waters to cover the whole of the Irish Sea and North Sea. Its southernmost point is at 48°18'N-8°43'W on the continental shelf break in the South West Approaches and its northernmost point is at the UK-Færoe-Norway triple point at 63°53.224'N - 0°29.444'W.

Version 2.0 includes:

  • The UK, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch and Belgian parts of the North Sea
  • The UK half of the English Channel
  • The UK and Irish parts of the South West Approaches
  • The whole Irish Sea and Celtic Sea
  • The continental shelf and slope west and north west of Scotland

Where sector boundaries in DigBath250 are drawn along statutory median lines with adjacent countries they should not be regarded as definitive representations of the statutory median lines.

Details of UK median lines and their co-ordinates are outlined in Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 3062 — The Continental Shelf (Designation of Areas) (Consolidation) Order 2000.