Cost and licencing

DigBath250 is only available from the British Geological Survey.

It is licensed on a sector basis. Even if you only require a small area of a sector you will be supplied with the whole sector.

Sales of DigBath250 are subject to the terms of a BGS end-user digital licence.


  • The base price of a single user licence for an initial one year is £300 per sector (excluding VAT)
  • £1800 for all six sectors (excluding VAT)
  • The single user licence is renewable on an annual basis for £100 per sector (excluding VAT)
  • £600 for all six sectors (excluding VAT)

There is a multiple seat discount structure.

Licence information

The DigBath250 licence is a non exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, single site/one end-user only licence to use the DigBath250 datasets.

No refund of licence fees are available for portions of digital data set(s) ordered & supplied, but subsequently not used by the licensee.

Copyright and database right of the digital datasets within the DigBath250 are retained by the owners and are not transferred to external parties by possession of a DigBath250 licence.

A DigBath250 licence permits:

  1. The internal business use of the DigBath250 exclusively for the benefit of the Licensee.
  2. The making of up to 3 copies of DigBath250 for operational security and back-up purposes only.
  3. The grant of copyright permission to make up to 500 x A3 size analogue copies solely for in-house use per year. An additional analogue copyright licence will be required for all external and extra in-house copies and copies of greater size than A3.

A DigBath250 licence does not permit:

  1. Your use of DigBath250 to provide a bureau service for others or for the benefit of or on behalf of others. Except as necessary for viewing and printing extracts of the data for your own use, you may not copy or adapt the datasets.
  2. The DigBath250 licence nor the datasets to which it applies to be assigned, sub-licensed, rented, lent or otherwise transferred by you/your organisation.
  3. Commercial usage. No part of the data set may be sold, whether on its own or as part of a value-added commercial product.

Obtaining a licence

An on-line DigBath250 licence request form is available on this web site. When the completed request form is received at the BGS, a licence will be issued. It will be signed by the licensee and returned to BGS with payment, or order number. A CD-ROM with the licensed DigBath250 data will then be delivered.

Complete the on-line DigBath250 licence request form.

Alternatively, for licencing and copyright enquiries only, contact the BGS at:

Intellectual Property Rights
British Geological Survey,
Nottingham NG12 5GG
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 115 936 3009 (for Copyright enquiries)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 936 3126 (for Digital Licencing enquiries)
Fax: +44 (0) 115 936 3615


Payment can currently only be accepted in Sterling, but may be made by credit or debit card (not by charge card, eg Amex), by UK Postal Order, International Money Order, Bankers' Draft, or by a cheque drawn on a UK Clearing Bank. Electronic Fund Transfers, such as BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System) may be also possible, please contact us for details.