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Dr Jonathan Dean: Stable Isotope Apprentice – January 2014

Jonathan Dean has recently joined NIGL for 2 years as an Isotope Apprentice, and will be working on a variety of projects in the Stable Isotope Group. He was previously based in the School of Geography, University of Nottingham, where his PhD research focused on oxygen isotope analysis of carbonates and diatoms and uranium-thorium dating of lake sediments from Nar Gölü in central Turkey.

  Dr Jonathan Dean

Professor Melanie Leng to join major science review panel – October 2013

Melanie will join the NERC Peer Review College (NERC PRC) as a Core Panel Member from 1st January 2014. The Core panel members have lead responsibility for attending moderating Panel meetings to ensure consistency within and between different Panel areas and funding schemes.

  Professor Melanie Leng

Dr Sarah Bennett: Stable Isotope Research Geochemist – May 2013

Sarah joins NIGL to carry out research in areas of hydrochemistry, pollution studies and surficial and solid earth geochemistry. Sarah’s previous research focussed on the chemistry and biology of deep-sea hydrothermal systems. She joins us from California where she carried out two post docs, one in microbiology at the University of Southern California and one in geochemistry at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She carried out her PhD research at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

  Dr Sarah Bennett

Dr Andrea Snelling: Isotope Apprentice – 2013

Andrea Snelling joins NIGL as an isotope apprentice to work on stable isotope analysis and mass spectrometry on a variety of projects.

  Dr Andrea Snelling

Dr Nick Roberts: new appointment - BGS-NIGL ICP-MS Laboratory Manager and Scientist - October 2012

Nick manages the BGS-NIGL ICP-MS laboratory, which houses the Attom and Spectro sector-field mass-spectrometers. Nick is involved in developing laser ablation methodologies, for both isotopic and elemental analysis of a range of solid materials; this will include the development of collaborative research between the BGS and NIGL. Since finishing his PhD at the University of Leicester in 2010, Nick has been working in the PIMS facility at NIGL, primarily focussing on LA-ICP-MS U-Th-Pb geochronology.

  Dr Nick Roberts

UK Ex Comm member appointed to ICDP - September 2012

In April this year the BGS invested in membership of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) on behalf of the Earth science sector to build national capability for the UK geoscience community. Subsequently, Prof Melanie Leng (Leicester/BGS) has been appointed to the Executive Committee (EC) of ICDP to represent the UK membership.

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  Melanie Lang

Quaternary Science Reviews - August 2012

Congratulations to Prof Melanie Leng who has been re-appointed to the Advisory Board of the international multidisciplinary research and review journal Quaternary Science Reviews.

QSR is one of the top Quaternary journals with an impact factor of 3.973.

  Quaternary Science reviews

Melanie Leng: reappointed Honorary Professor – August 2012

Mel has been reappointed as an Honorary Professor in the School of Geography, The University of Nottingham, for a further three years from 1/8/12. The appointment is on the basis of Mel being a distinguished practitioner in the field of isotopes in environmental change research and is aimed at strengthening links between the BGS and the university.

  Melanie Leng

Melanie Leng appointed as Professor of Isotope Geosciences - December 2011

Mel has been appointed as a Professor in the Department of Geology, University of Leicester. She will be increasing the already successful application of stable isotope geochemistry to the department’s teaching and research portfolio, and will be contributing to the vibrant Crustal Processes research group. She will continue to manage the Stable Isotope Group at NIGL, and aims to strengthen links between BGS and the university sector.

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  Melanie Leng

Associate Editor for G3 (Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geosystems) - December 2011

Congratulations to Melanie Leng who has become an Associate Editor for G-cubed for 2 years (2012–14). She will be co-handling papers for the theme "Development of Isotopic Proxies for Paleoenvironmental Interpretation: A Carbon Perspective (DIPPI-C)".

  Melanie Leng

NERC's Peer Review College - September 2011

Congratulations to Dr Tim Heaton and Dr Jane Evans who have been nominated to sit on the NERC Peer Review College from September 2011 to September 2014.

  NERC logo

Jane Evans appointed Special Associate Professor - June 2010

Congratulations to Jane Evans who has been appointed Special Associate Professor in the School of Humanities at the University of Nottingham. The appointment is on the basis of Jane being a distinguished practitioner in the field of isotopes in archaeological science and is aimed at strengthening links between BGS and the university.

  Dr Jane Evans

Silicon Editorial Board appointment for Prof Melanie Leng – February 2009

Congratulations to Melanie Leng on her appointment to the Editorial Advisory Board of Silicon. The appointment is to run for two years. Silicon is an international, interdisciplinary journal solely devoted to the most important element of the 21st Century. Silicon’s coverage is unique in presenting all areas of silicon research and development across all disciplines. Silicon is a quarterly journal publishing the very latest cutting edge research in materials chemistry, materials physics, materials biology, materials engineering and environmental science.

  Silicon magazine cover

Professor Sarah Metcalfe awarded Visiting Research Associate – November 2008

Sarah Metcalfe (School of Geography, Nottingham University) has been awarded a VRA at NIGL/BGS. Sarah will be spending her time at NIGL working with Melanie Leng on improved understanding of controls on isotopic composition of Mexican lake systems to develop their use to reconstruct changes in the Mexican monsoon. This will also be tied in with their mutual interest in comparing the tropical Americas with the near East and the balance between mid-latitude and tropical climate systems over time.

  Professor Sarah Metcalfe

Congratulations to Professor Parrish

Randy Parrish has accepted the position of European Editor of Precambrian Research from September 2007:
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  Precambrian research

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