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The websites and online services that are hosted at BGS Keyworth are closed for infrastructure maintenance over the 2016 August bank holiday weekend, from 16:00 on Friday 26th until 09:00 on Tuesday 30th.

This downtime will affect the main website, the online shop, all our hosted sites such as OneGeology, all our webservices and some mobile app functionality.

We apologise for any inconvenience while we undertake this essential work.

Please note that the below Edinburgh-based websites will still be available:

22 August 2016

Caton karst sinkhole
In south-west England in February 2014, a sinkhole formed adjacent to the slip road off the northbound carriageway of the A38 at Caton, Devon. This event, which was significant in terms of its size and potential impact, was not brought to the attention of the BGS until April 2016. This coincided with a project defining karst domains across the UK, and therefore a responsive visit was made to provide additional project information.

28 July 2016

DigMapGB50 sample
The GeoProperties team develops geological data and information for industry. Its portfolio includes the digital geological map, extensive databases and many applied geological data products describing the physical and chemical characteristics of UK rocks, deposits and soils.

27 June 2016

BGS logo
NERC has commissioned five highly ambitious research programmes, worth £34m, that will see its research centres, including the BGS, working closely together to tackle major scientific and societal challenges.

22 June 2016

East Cliff Landslide, Bournemouth
On 24 April 2016, the BGS Landslide Response Team received reports of a landslide on a 35 m high section of the East Cliff in Bournemouth, Dorset.

17 June 2016

DU penetrator
Examples of how BGS research impacts on people’s lives and livelihoods.

1 June 2016

Mineral mining
This team carries out research on metallic mineral deposit formation and compiles and analyses global mineral production statistics.

31 May 2016

BGS Staff at work in the laboratory
New research developed by an international team of scientists including the British Geological Survey has just been published in Nature Communications. The new study dates past methane emissions from the Barents Sea, to the north of Norway, as well and investigates its potential impact on greenhouse gas concentrations and the climate record.

18 May 2016

Slice through a soil aggregate
Does the location of organic matter in soil aggregates influence whether bacteria can access it? Seeing through soil to locate soil organic matter.

5 May 2016

Topsoil Ph
Can farmers' soil analyses be used to monitor important soil indicators across England and Wales?

5 May 2016