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Scotland's aquifers and groundwater bodies report cover
This report, published in 2015, was written jointly by BGS and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). The report is written in the form of a manual for those with some technical groundwater (hydrogeological) knowledge, but also includes summaries for non-specialists.

28 September 2015

Inorganic laboratory
We undertake a wide range of research in the team, and work closely in collaboration with key university partners. Our research has a wide base across health and environmental quality, both within the UK and internationally. We also provide analytical services to other Directorates within BGS, and to external organisations.

15 September 2015

Scottish bridge
GOForth, ASK Network, Scotland's Carboniferous legacy landscapes, Geodiversity, geoheritage and geotourism, Grampian and northern Highlands, Tetrapod World (TWeed), Glasgow and the Clyde Basin, EU COST SUB-URBAN, Upland geomorphology, Assynt Culmination 3D geological model, Moray coast and Inverness

8 September 2015

Basalt thin section
A round up of metrics for August 2015. Now with 'Top search phrases' word cloud!

8 September 2015

Methane smapling
The BGS has initiated a science-based environmental monitoring programme in The Fylde,Lancashire where planning applications were submitted by Cuadrilla for the development of shale gas. This monitoringis independent of the industry and regulators and represents the first independent, integrated monitoring programmeto characterise the environmental baseline in an area subject to interest from the shale gas industry.

6 August 2015

Magnifying glass
Access to the whole of the BGS website is now available via our interactive site map.

6 August 2015

A round up of metrics for July 2015.

4 August 2015

Water drop
We have, for the first time, characterised the isotopic composition of phosphorus in drinking water.

4 August 2015

BGS holds over 100km of drill core
The BGS is a world-leading geological survey that focuses on public-good science and research to understand earth and environmental processes. See examples of those areas of our work that are nationally important, unique and demonstrate our value to the UK.

30 July 2015

Cityscape of Singapore.
BGS collaborates with the Geological Office of Singapore's Building and Construction Agency (BCA) on a range of projects aimed at understanding the subsurface geology of Singapore.

15 July 2015