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Occasional aurora alerts from @BritGeoSurvey for UK observers. This account is not manned 24/7 and is on a 'best endeavour' basis.
The BGS Building Stones Team tweeting research, news and events on the latest building stone trends for both conservation and new build projects.
British Geological Survey's Enquiries team are the main contact point for all enquiries to the BGS.
British Geological Survey's Groundwater Science team tweeting groundwater news and research.
We are the definitive source of landslide information in Great Britain. Have you seen a landslide? We want to know!
Follow our team of marine geoscientists and skilled engineers as they study, live and work in the marine environment, locally and globally.
Daily 24-hr forecasts of global geomagnetic activity from @BritGeoSurvey (Mon - Fri only). More info on our forecast levels
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The digital geological map of Great Britain from the British Geological Survey.
A doctorate with a difference. News, updates, research & training at the British Geological Survey via the BGS University Funding Initiative (BUFI).
Find out about the great geological products and giftware available when you visit BGS Geology Shops. Opening hours
myVolcano is a citizen science app for monitoring environmental change in volcanic environments and for sharing information about global volcanic activity.
We're using 3d laser scanners and cameras to help make important fossil collections more accessible online! BGS is a contributing organisation.