Geospatial Commission consultation

Geospatial Commission consultation
The BGS is a partner body of the Geospatial Commission that was announced in November 2017. The Geospatial Commission is an impartial expert committee that aims to promote the more productive use of public and private sector geospatial data. This will maximise the value of 'location data', which could generate £11 billion a year.

By using location data, geospatial technology is transforming services across the private and public sectors. From emergency services, transport planning, and 5G networks to housing, smarter cities and drones, the UK’s geospatial infrastructure has the potential to revolutionise the UK's economy.

The government is urging the geospatial sector to take part and share views to set the future geospatial vision for the UK. A consultation was launched on Wednesday 15th August. Follow the link below for more information and to contribute:


16 August 2018