BGS accepted as a member of IGSN

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This will be the first step towards the BGS becoming the UK issuing agent for IGSN sample numbers. The IGSN is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies samples from our natural environment and related sampling features. Use of the unique persistent ISGN sample identifiers will promote standard methods for locating, identifying, and citing physical samples. It will also allow samples to be unambiguously linked to other research assets such as data, peer reviewed papers and other published material.

More information about IGSN, including a full list of the current members can be found on their website.

BGS contacts: Claire Shelley, Helen Glaves or Mike Howe.

IGSN members

Members of the IGSN Board celebrate the election of its newest members during the IGSN General Assembly in New Orleans, USA. (Photo: Helen Glaves.)



26 February 2018