GSNI 70 years event: #GSNI70 Symposium | W5, Belfast | Thurs 30 Nov 2017

Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI)

Geological Survey of Northern Ireland celebrates 70 years of public service.

The audience will hear dual presentations from GSNI scientists together with their research partners from the public, private and NGO sectors in the UK and Ireland on geoscience research and innovation which benefits the economy, infrastructure, environment, tourism, health and education. Talk sessions are punctuated with video montages, panel discussions, photographic display and map viewing, interactive exhibits and awards. View the full programme.

This symposium will interest delegates from government organisations, councils, industry, universities and NGOs across the geoscience sector on the island of Ireland. Register now.

An art exhibition and drinks reception will follow the symposium at 16:30.


30 November 2017


14 February 2017