CHPM2030 Project

Power station

BGS is part of an EC-funded project called ‘CHPM2030’.

This started in January, with startup meeting in February, but only now is some of the promotional material coming out.

BGS activities in the project will focus on 2 main areas:

  • Gathering and assessing data on SW England to see if there is potential for hot rocks at 5–7 km to contain enough ore mineralisation to enable metals to be leached out with a recirculated fluid being used to extract geothermal heat.
  • Laboratory and modelling–based studies to test optimal ways to extract soluble metals from the rocks.

This work will be run through the Renewables, Energy Storage & Clean Coal Team, with work split between the Renewables, Energy Storage & Clean Coal Team and the Ore Deposits & Commodities Team.

More information

CHPM2030 website



25 July 2016