BGS-University of Nottingham Collaboration

Virginia Panizzo
Dr Virginia Panizzo from the School of Geography, University of Nottingham, has been appointed as a Visiting Research Associate (VRA) with the British Geological Survey (BGS). Ginnie has recently been appointed as an Anne McLaren Fellow at UoN (from April 2015), and she will be researching into global budgets of silicon cycling, by providing the first estimates of its sources, sinks and fluxes in coastal mangrove systems. Silicon acts as the building blocks for primary algal productivity and, as a result, has a strong control on global carbon cycles and the inventory of CO2 in the atmosphere. The implications of this research are crucial for the mitigation of future climate change and builds on Ginnie’s previous Si cycling research. Her Fellowship is in conjunction with Dr Matthew Horstwood and Dr Christopher Vane (both BGS), Dr Barry Lomax UoN, Dr Suzanne McGowan (UoN Malaysia Campus) and Prof Rozainah Zakaria and Prof Chong Ving Ching (University of Malaysia).


OS BNG: 462160,331670


7 April 2014