2011 GSI3D Release | Geological surveying and investigation in three dimensions

3D UK map

After two years of hard work the GSI3D team is extremely proud to announce the 2011 version of GSI3D. Download a demo version from gsi3d.org.uk/downloads

The software will start in demonstrator mode which allows the construction of models with up to five geological units and ten cross-sections. It is also possible to apply for a fully functional trial version of GSI3D by contacting enquiries@bgs.ac.uk.

This new release includes major improvements to the user interface including:

  • better support for digitizing over cross-section raster images (for example vertical geophysical section images)
  • support for snapping correlation lines to map linework for improved modelling accuracy
  • object tooltips for rapid object identification
  • undo-redo capability in both cross-section and in geological unit editing

For more details on these improvements please refer to the
Quick Reference Guide.pdf365 KB pdf

Updated 2011 user manual: GSI3D_manual_2011.pdf8.5 MB pdf

The team hopes that you will all enjoy the new release as much as us, please send any feedback to enquiries@bgs.ac.uk.


1 April 2011