Stakeholder Forum 2012

The BGS recently held a forum to provide our stakeholders with a summary of recent science results, its impact, and our future direction.

Some of our leading scientists delivered talks about of their recent work. You can download a selection of the 2012 presentations below.

BGS's vital role

Professor Sir John Beddington, Government Chief Scientific Adviser, spoke on 'The importance of geology to the UK'.


Sir John discussed risks and opportunities, and that geology and geologists are required to play an important part in support of national planning at government level. He also described the National Risk Register and the part that geology has to play in informing this register.

Examples included, the risk to aspects of the economy (e.g. aviation) caused by Icelandic volcanic eruptions, and space weather and possible impact on the national grid.

Sir John quoted the Natural Hazards Partnership and the importance of BGS's involvement.

...and opportunities

On opportunities, Sir John gave the examples of carbon capture and storage (CCS), shale gas and radioactive waste.

Growing populations, urbanisation and the still widespread availability of cheap coal and gas means that CCS and the removal of emitted gas is vital as an alternative to the reduction of emissions.

Shale gas exploitation is an opportunity of the nation and the BGS has a vital role to play. The nuclear industry finds geology a key discipline when it comes to the disposal and safe storage of radioactive waste.

Presentation downloads