FutureThames – London Earth Seminar | 13 May 2011

Cities, catchments and coasts:
applied geoscience for decision-making in London and the Thames Basin

A seminar held at the Institute of Physics, London on 13 May 2011.

Future Thames

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The London LithoFrame50 model

The British Geological Survey supports industry, planning and research throughout London and the Thames Basin by providing objective geoscientific data, information and knowledge.

BGS organised this seminar to disseminate information about our wide-ranging research and regional focus on the Thames, how our work can benefit your environmental and engineering projects and how we can work together to achieve more.

FutureThamesis an initiative designed to bring together our expertise in the region with that of potential collaborators to ensure that our combined activities are as relevant and accessible as possible to our stakeholders’ needs.

Through FutureThames, the BGS focuses on supporting land-use planning and development, minerals, waste and groundwater management by undertaking interdisciplinary research and the development of applied geoscience in order to improve decision-making.

London Earth is the recently completed soil geochemical survey of Greater London.

This survey provides unique information on the soil chemistry, which is of direct relevance to human health studies, land-use planning and development, urban regeneration and the assessment of contaminated land.

Our new series of 10 maps showing the distribution of environmentally sensitive elements across London were displayed for the first time at this seminar.

London Earth soil sample sites map

During the afternoon we held a technical workshop for practitioners to give advice and information on how to obtain and interpret the London Earth data as well as demonstrate cutting-edge techniques researching environmental impacts on human health.

The programme, below, includes links to the oral presentations and posters given at the seminar. Any that are not currently available may be added at a later date.

Download the soil chemistry maps and learn how to license the data at London Earth.


Title Download Presenter Organisation
Welcome and Chair No Dr Andy Howard BGS
The Thames Basin in the context of the BGS Strategy No Prof Denis Peach BGS
Environmental challenges and integrated solutions – how integrated environmental options and solutions can contribute to sustainable development No Dr Paul Leinster Environment Agency
FutureThames – applied geoscience for decision-making in London and the Thames Basin Yes Jon Ford BGS
Sustainable use of underground space No Dr Helen Reeves BGS
London Earth: the chemistry of the surface environment in the UK's most populous city Yes Cathy Scheib BGS
Organic and heavy metal pollution in Thames Estuary sediments No Dr Christopher Vane BGS

Technical workshop: Soil chemistry and medical geology

Title Download Lead author Organisation
Welcome and outline of the workshop No Cathy Scheib BGS
BGS's urban geochemical survey data and its interpretation in the context of urban-rural comparisons and underlying geological influences No Dr Louise Ander BGS
Measuring human exposure to harmful elements in soils: exploring the links between bioavailability, bioaccessibility and geochemistry No Dr Mark Cave BGS
Examples of use of data from the Clyde. Cr inhalation, deprivation scores, land use etc. No Fiona Fordyce BGS


Title Download Lead author Organisation
A new record of Holocene sea-level change in the Thames Estuary and its implications for geophysical modelling Yes Nicole S Khan University of Pennsylvania
Arsenic speciation of sediments from the River Thames estuary, London, UK Yes Michael J Watts BGS
BGS flood response Yes Marieta Garcia-Bajo BGS
Compound geohazards: planning for future climate scenarios Yes Katy Booth BGS
Data and research for environmental applications and models [DREAM] Yes Carl Watson BGS
Examining the soil chemistry of London's parklands Yes Kate Knights BGS
Future Thames: applied geoscience for decision-making in London and the Thames Basin Yes Emma Bee BGS
Geoscience for urban development Yes Dr Katherine Royse BGS
Groundwater: site scale, catchment scale, basin scale Yes Stephanie Bricker BGS
Integrated modelling within the Thames Basin — examples of BGS work Yes Dr Andrew Hughes BGS
Modelling the quality of sand and gravel resources in 3D Yes Dr Katy Mee BGS
Spatial distribution of trace metals in urban soils and road dusts — an example from Manchester, UK Yes Raqule Cardoso Manchester Metropolitan University
SuDS in the Thames: suitability of the ground for infiltration Yes Dr Rachel Dearden BGS
The London Earth field survey: collection of samples and data Yes Paul Everett BGS
Urban soil chemistry data for Great Britain Yes Andreas Scheib BGS


For further information contact londonearth@bgs.ac.uk