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BGS Staff at work in the laboratory
Title: Shale Gas exploration in the UK and mainland Europe Venue: British Geological Survey, Meeting Room (follow signs from reception) Speaker: Peter Turner, Cuadrilla Resources Limited Convener: Dave Boon


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...Global energy consumption is fast switching in favour of gas. In an interview with fortune magazine, Shell Oil Company president Marvin Odum stated that by 2012 his company would be producing more gas than oil. Speaking at the 'Prospects for shale gas' forum in Berlin in mid-January, Mike Stephenson, Head of Science (energy) at the British Geological Survey, noted India has already begun to build a new generation of huge gas-fired power stations...


BGS holds over 100km of drill core
The main focus of this conference is to examine the existing, current and proposed shale gas extraction, with a focus on the associated environmental impacts, allowing an insight from the commercial and environmental leaders. This will then be …


Shale Gas & Unconventional Gas Summit 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is an updated, insightful and high profile conference for government officials, global and local directors and senior executives, professionals, thought leaders and …


Borehole drilling
BGS has conducted a study of the UK's onshore unconventional hydrocarbon prospectivity, which is continuing. Interim results were presented at the 7th Petroleum conference on NW Europe in March 2009 and this is now due to be published by the …


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