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Oil and gas experts have been meeting in Edinburgh to debate whether Scotland could benefit from a shale gas revolution. Ineos-owned Grangemouth looks set to become the first chemical plant in the UK to receive shale gas from the United States. A British geological survey will look at the potential of fracking for shale gas in the central lowlands of Scotland, but environmentalists are concerned.


Sven Könitzer
In early December 2013, Sven Könitzer was granted a doctorate for his PhD research, jointly funded by the British Geological Survey and the University of Leicester, Primary biological controls on UK Lower Namurian shale gas prospectivity: A step towards understanding a major potential UK unconventional gas resource.


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The British Geological Survey (BGS) is to begin work next year on estimating the size of shale gas deposits between Edinburgh and Glasgow. The move was confirmed by BGS's director of science and technology during an appearance before the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Prof Mike Stephenson said BGS planned to start work after a study in south east England is completed in March.


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Minister talks of shale gas ushering a 'green future', but report warns global emissions will rise without international climate deal... The British Geological Survey also said that it had begun a survey of methane levels in UK groundwater so that it could establish a baseline of how much of the gas occurred naturally, in order to detect whether contamination by fracking for shale gas occurs in the future.


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There's a battle for influence taking place over fracking. Should companies in the UK be drilling for the trillions of cubic feet of shale gas lying thousands of metres below the surface of the earth, and hydraulically fracturing (fracking) the wells to get it out?... [Prof Mike Stephenson speaks about earthquakes, regulations and the north of England shale gas resource study.]


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Visit BGS at PROSPEX 2013, where we will be promoting our recent work in Shale Gas. This is the 11th show in the highly successful series of Prospects Fairs, the UK s leading networking event for exploration and development, organised by PESGB and DECC.


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The government has outlined plans to give tax breaks to companies involved in the UK's nascent shale gas industry. It has proposed cutting the tax on some of the income generated from producing shale gas - found in underground shale rock formations - from 62% to just 30%... A recent report from the British Geological Survey estimated there may be 1,300 trillion cubic feet present in the north of England alone - much of it in the Bowland Basin under Lancashire.


John Ludden
Last month BGS, working with DECC, released the estimates of the shale gas resource in Northern England. This estimate is based on a thorough compilation of all that we know about the subsurface geology of the region.


Rock specimen of shale (P521463)
UK shale gas resources may be far greater than previously thought, a report for the government says. The British Geological Survey estimates there may be 1300 trillion cubic feet of shale gas present in the north of England - double previous estimates


Bowland shale gas study area
The British Geological Survey in association with DECC has completed an estimate for the resource (gas-in-place) of shale gas in part of central Britain in an area between Wrexham and Blackpool in the west, and Nottingham and Scarborough in the east.


Sampling methane
BGS/DECC has completed an estimate for the resource (gas-in-place) of shale gas in part of central Britain


Rock specimen of shale (P521463)
UK shale gas resources may be far greater than previously thought with substantial reserves beneath Lancashire and Yorkshire, a report by the British Geological Survey has found...


Rock specimen of shale (P521463)
The Government has today announced findings from the first independent study conducted by the British Geological Survey, of the potential volume of shale gas in the Bowland Basin and beyond, which covers 11 counties in the North of England.


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One of the energy firms hoping to exploit the UK's resources of shale gas says it may be sitting on significantly more gas than previously thought... A report by the British Geological Survey for the Department of Energy and Climate Change is due to ...


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New report out by @UniofNottingham on Public Perceptions of Shale Gas Extraction in the UK (posted by Sarah)


Oil rig
According to the US Energy Information Administration, Europe could have as much as 639 trillion cubic feet of recoverable shale gas reserves. Exploration has already taken place in Poland and Romania, and most recently the UK has joined the dash for gas.


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Exploring for shale gas in the East Midlands: A virtual underground journey with Dr Nick Riley.


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RT @sarahnice1: This is brilliant - Prof Mike Stephenson in an animated @intelligence2 short talk on Shale Gas!


Rock specimen of shale (P521463)
Shale gas is seen by some as a low-carbon bridge to renewables, and by others as a menace. This talk will examine the resource size and impacts of extraction.


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East Midlands Regional Group, British Geological Survey The talk will survey the potential for shale gas and discuss environmental concerns, as well as outlining the role of independent and peer-reviewed science in shale gas development.


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