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Groundhog desktop
BGS Groundhog Desktop GSIS (desktop geoscientific information system) is a graphical software tool developed by the environmental modelling directorate of BGS for the display of geological and geospatial information such as interpreted (correlated) geological cross sections, maps and boreholes.


Seismic trace
BGS and partners at Durham University used satellite imagery to map over 3000 landslides triggered by the M7.8 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal on 25th April 2015. These maps are helping the relief efforts.


Groundhog montage
A round up of metrics for the BGS for April 2015.


BGS roundel
We've refreshed the colours on the website to match our new corporate visual identity guidelines. If things are looking a bit funny, try hitting CTRL + F5 to clear your cache. Any issues or comments, please let us know.


Data image
25 new formally cited datasets, held by the NGDC showing the title, author(s) and the DOI which links to the landing page with metadata links and direct access to the data where appropriate.