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We are a node of the NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities, focussed on (1) uranium-daughter geochronology (U-Pb, Th-Pb and U-Th) applied to a broad range of geoscience topics, and (2) isotope tracers (e.g., Si, Cu, Sr, Pb, U) for a range of contemporary environmental processes (e.g., biosphere mapping, hydrology, depleted uranium). We work with the UK HEI community and international partners to deliver research, method development and training.


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NERC provides world-leading scientific facilities, research ships, aircraft, analytical facilities, satellite data processing, supercomputers and specialist equipment. This page lists the earth science facilities managed by BGS.


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A round up of metrics for November 2015.


Petroleum geoscience
The Petroleum geoscience team have created some new web pages detailing their project areas.


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Earthwise, the digital publication channel for the British Geological Survey is now available.