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Scientists think they have found a smart way to constrain carbon dioxide emissions - just turn them to stone.


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RESIDENTS experienced tremors and a loud bang as an earthquake hit North Wales


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Three dramatic landscapes on Scotland’s west coast are in the top ten favourite attractions in the UK for holidaying geology fans, according to new satellite data. GPS information from a hi-tech British Geological Survey smartphone app shows ancient rock formations and rugged coastlines in Ullapool and on the islands of Skye and Arran are attracting amateur and professional geologists in their droves.


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Scientists have discovered the cause of a mass extinction of sea-floor marine organisms 800,000 years ago—which also provides insight into how climate change can impact on deep ocean biota.


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Professional and budding geologists across the UK are heading to the coast this summer hoping to do a bit of rock spotting alongside sunbathing and building sandcastles with their kids.