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The freak weather phenomenon, called a “meteotsunami”, occurred near Amsterdam off the country’s north coast on Monday morning. Professor David Tappin of the British Geological Survey said: 'Most tsunamis are geological, where you have a vertical movement on the seabed which can be caused by an earthquake, or a landslide. Meteotsunamis, however, are created by weather.'


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A new gold rush is targeting rich ores on the ocean floor containing valuable metals needed for smartphones and green technologies, but also hosting exotic ecosystems. Tracy Shimmield at the British Geological Survey argues that the UK should seek a national licence from the International Seabed Authority in order to set up an ocean floor observatory.


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The British Geological Survey has confirmed that a mysterious loud bang heard in several Lincolnshire villages was an earthquake. Glenn Ford, seismologist for the organisation, said that incidents like this happen more often than many understand.


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Today, a paper providing an assessment of the resource base for engineered geothermal systems in Great Britain was released by the British Geological Survey, providing an estimated technical potential of 2,280 MW.