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Midland Valley mineworkings, showing the deepest workings in orange and red, and shallower workings in green and blue
The British Geological Survey, in partnership with AECOM, has recently (2013) completed a study for the Scottish Government into deep geothermal energy in Scotland.


Assessing the underworld logo
The Assessing the Underworld Launch Event, hosted by BGS on 12 December 2013, will present the final outcomes and findings from the Mapping the Underworld project (MTU).


Banc Dolhelfa landslide, Mid Wales
The Mid Wales Geology Club in association with the Central Wales RIGS Group, carried out a walk over survey of the landslide in Banc Dolhelfa in April 2010.


Tellus South West Survey
The British Geological Survey (BGS) is carrying out a low-level airborne geophysical survey of the South West of England as part of the Tellus South West Project.


Schematic diagram depicting the our straight forward approach to quantifying the morphology of hillslopes.
New methods to study the shape of Earth's surface show that it can offer clues about whether a landscape is growing or decaying.


Wellington boots
The UK experienced several months of above-average rainfall from April to December 2012 making it one of the wettest periods of time for most of the country since meteorological records began.


Hydrological Outlook UK map
Working with partners, we have developed a forecast for river flows and groundwater levels over the coming months – Hydrological Outlook UK.


Mobile icon
If you're using a smartphone, you might notice that some parts of the BGS website are now using to display appropriately on your device and make it easier for you to view the site on the go.


RABT landslide 2013
Following a period of heavy rain, on 3 October 2013 a debris-flow landslide occurred along the A83 Rest and Be Thankful pass (Argyll and Bute, Scotland).


mySoil logo
mySoil is a free app, from the BGS and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, that provides a soil properties map of Britain and Europe.


Borehole core sample
Rock stress data are derived from borehole breakout measurements within boreholes and describe the local stress field.


CO2 molecule
The BGS holds a wealth of information and data related to energy.


South Down Chalk
The Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) Partnership has published a Water Climate Change Impacts Report Card.


Laki fissure
The BGS and the UK Meteorological Office are working with government departments, agencies and academic partners across the UK and Iceland, to ensure that plans are in place in Iceland, the UK and the rest of Europe to respond to future Icelandic volcanic eruptions.


BGS Catalogue of maps, books and data
Download the new BGS catalogue of books, maps and data.


Tynemouth headland
Rothbury: An example of the impact of a landslide on the local economy.


MAREMAP initiative led by the British Geological Survey, the National Oceanography Centre and the Scottish Association for Marine Science to improve our understanding of the seabed environment around the UK.


EDM metadata model
Newly released simplified data model for Metadata, based on the Metadata database used by the British Geological Survey to meet international spatial metadata standards such as the European INSPIRE Directive or ISO 19115.


3D Model of the Thames Basin
Uncovering deep structural influences on the Chalk.


St Pancras station stone
The City of London is in an area that has no indigenous building stone its underlying layers of sand, gravel and clay are poorly consolidated materials that are not suitable for use as building stones.


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