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Laser scanning
Geomatics is the science of gathering, storing, processing and delivering spatially related information. BGS has pioneered the use of ground-based (terrestrial) techniques for a variety of geoscientific applications since 1999.


Glacier in Iceland
BGS scientists have revealed that glaciers may abandon their snouts, as they readjust to new climate conditions.


The hazard products team aims to develop new and innovative data products that deliver geoscientific information to a range of users in an accessible form.


Tsunami sediment
Tsunamis from submarine landslides have struck our shores in the distant past, so BGS is participating in the NERC Arctic landslides project, which aims to better understand the hazard from these events.


Fluid rock reactions
BGS has a large science facility with many different laboratories covering a wide range of topics. One of the areas being carbon capture and storage (CCS), that the fluid process research laboratories (FPRL) work on.


Offshore surveying
BGS scientists and engineers joined a team of university researchers on a mission to recover sediment from the continental shelf in the Celtic, Irish and Malin Seas as part of the BRITICE-CHRONO project funded by the Natural Environment Research Council.


Vatnajökull ice cap viewed from the south.
The Bárðarbunga volcanic system, in central-eastern Iceland, comprises a central volcano rising to 2009 m a.s.l. and a fissure system. It is in the Eastern Volcanic Zone and is partly covered by the Vatnajökull ice cap.


GeoSocial icon
GeoSocial is a tool currently being developed for displaying geoscience-related posts from social media sites such as Twitter. Social media provides a different channel for gathering potentially useful scientific information from the public.


Afar rift
Studies into volcanism across Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.


GB3D logo
New doi for the National Bedrock Fence Diagram of Great Britain - GB3D_v2014


Geology of Northern Ireland
Downloadable accounts of the regional geology of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


BGS and local staff drilling a borehole in Kenya
Updated form for "Notification of intent to construct new wells and boreholes and the subsequent provision of information"


BGS Communications strategy
The new communications strategy of the British Geological Survey Broadcasting the science stories of BGS is now available to download from NORA


Instrumenting the Earth
Four new web pages that describe our research related to our science strategy.


Radioactive waste
New research: Sources of natural and artificial ionising radiation and radioactivity in the environment, Waste from using ionising radiation, Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste FAQ


Windos 8 logo
We need your help to let us know whether you would be interested in accessing information from BGS on your Windows 8 PC or Windows 8 mobile phone.


Glacier model
Make a simplified cut-out model of an Icelandic glacier; shows moulins, eskers, moraines and crevasses.


Muckle Flugga Map
BRITICE-CHRONO - improving ice sheet forecasting in a warming world, to predict sea-level rise and cold-water corals in the canyons off southwest England


Aquimod screenshot
AquiMod is an innovative hydrological model for simulating groundwater levels at boreholes that has already made an impact through policy.


FutureThames booklet
FutureThames website updated to describe research in 2014 including an iMap of the project area.


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