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GB3D logo
New doi for the National Bedrock Fence Diagram of Great Britain - GB3D_v2014


Geology of Northern Ireland
Downloadable accounts of the regional geology of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


BGS and local staff drilling a borehole in Kenya
Updated form for "Notification of intent to construct new wells and boreholes and the subsequent provision of information"


BGS Communications strategy
The new communications strategy of the British Geological Survey Broadcasting the science stories of BGS is now available to download from NORA


Instrumenting the Earth
Four new web pages that describe our research related to our science strategy.


Radioactive waste
New research: Sources of natural and artificial ionising radiation and radioactivity in the environment, Waste from using ionising radiation, Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste FAQ


Windos 8 logo
We need your help to let us know whether you would be interested in accessing information from BGS on your Windows 8 PC or Windows 8 mobile phone.


Glacier model
Make a simplified cut-out model of an Icelandic glacier; shows moulins, eskers, moraines and crevasses.


Muckle Flugga Map
BRITICE-CHRONO - improving ice sheet forecasting in a warming world, to predict sea-level rise and cold-water corals in the canyons off southwest England


Aquimod screenshot
AquiMod is an innovative hydrological model for simulating groundwater levels at boreholes that has already made an impact through policy.


FutureThames booklet
FutureThames website updated to describe research in 2014 including an iMap of the project area.


Make-a-map is an interactive geological map of the British Isles. It is intended for amateur geologists, students and teachers looking for an overview of the geology of the British Isles.


Sampling water supplies in Cornwall
Households were visited by BGS teams in November 2013, following an invite to take part in the biomonitoring study through direct mailing and follow-up calls. More than 120 households and more than 200 volunteers from across Cornwall participated. Since then, the samples collected have undergone a series of measurements for each of the sample types. The measurements for water data were reported in June 2014 to the households, with biological and soil samples to be reported later in 2014.


Collapsible ground
These new geohazard notes ask: What is collapsible ground? Why does it occur? What is compressible ground? What problems can it cause?


GISGroundwater logo
BGS GISGroundwater is an add-in to ArcGIS that models the depth to groundwater beneath the land surface. For aquifers (permeable water bearing rocks) that are open to the atmosphere (unconfined aquifers) it calculates the elevation of the groundwater table. For aquifers that are confined by overlying impermeable rock it calculates the elevation of the surface (the level groundwater will rise to in a borehole).


This Research Report presents a reviewed and revised lithostratigraphical nomenclature for the Sherwood Sandstone Group (?latest Permian to Mid Triassic).The SSG is composed mainly of brown, red, buff, greenish grey and yellow sandstones of fluvial or aeolian origin. Three options were considered and the ‘clean slate’ option chosen. The constituent formation names proposed are: Helsby Sandstone, Wilmslow Sandstone, Chester, Moira, and Hopwas Breccia formations. (Adobe Acrobat PDF 863 KB)


CO2 Contain logo
New hosted site: The impaCt of hydrOcarbon depletioN on the Treatment of cAprocks within performance assessment for CO2 InjectioN schemes - CONTAIN


BGS Research Fellowship Programme
The BGS facilitate collaborations with Universities across the UK through joint ventures and appointments.


Landslide at Shortwood
Images and information on the landslide at Shortwood in Herefordshire.


3D image
New content describing EPOM work with EO-MINERS, EVOSS, FUTUREVOLC, International Charter, PanGeo, Planetary volcanism, Satellite radar interferometry (InSAR) for geohazard monitoring, STREVA, Subcoast, Terrafirma, UAV - 3D Model


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