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Instagram image for December
A round up of metrics for December 2015.


Waterfall A11980
Find out more about how geology influences flooding.


We are a node of the NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities, focussed on (1) uranium-daughter geochronology (U-Pb, Th-Pb and U-Th) applied to a broad range of geoscience topics, and (2) isotope tracers (e.g., Si, Cu, Sr, Pb, U) for a range of contemporary environmental processes (e.g., biosphere mapping, hydrology, depleted uranium). We work with the UK HEI community and international partners to deliver research, method development and training.


NERC logo
NERC provides world-leading scientific facilities, research ships, aircraft, analytical facilities, satellite data processing, supercomputers and specialist equipment. This page lists the earth science facilities managed by BGS.


Instagram image for November
A round up of metrics for November 2015.


Petroleum geoscience
The Petroleum geoscience team have created some new web pages detailing their project areas.


Earthwise logo
Earthwise, the digital publication channel for the British Geological Survey is now available.


BGS logo
The 2014/15 BGS annual science review is now available to view online.


BGS holds over 100km of drill core
As part of the move to Heriot Watt, parts of the NGR will be unavailable for short periods of time. We will post here lists of items affected.


Glasgow model
In January 2013, BGS made the central Glasgow model and released it to a network of interested people called the ASK (Accessing Subsurface Knowledge) network. The model gives other agencies, such as engineers and construction companies, a broad idea of the geology underneath Glasgow, which helps them get an idea of what lies under the ground and plan for any problems they may come across. The Glasgow Minecraft model has been based on this.


Time clock
Try this simple geological timechart quiz to learn the Periods and Eras of the Phanerozoic Eon and the first Period of the Precambrian.


Instagram image for October
A round up of metrics for October 2015.


Sub-fossil bones
Fossils held in the BGS collections for over 130 years are going home on a visit as part of the Ice Age Ilford exhibition in Redbridge Museum.


Colour-in geology map of the UK and Ireland
Download our free colour-in geology map of the UK and Ireland to help you learn about the Eras of the Phanerozoic Eon and the Late Proterozoic Eon.


DiGMapGB sample
New and updated products information for DiGMapGB and DiGMapGB-Plus.


East Anglia 3D pdf
The East Anglia 3D PDF provides a unique visualisation of the 3D geology of the East Anglia region as represented in the GB 3D National Geological Model.


GeoProperties products development
This team develops new data products detailing the physical and chemical characteristics of the ground beneath our feet.


Instagram image for September
A round up of metrics for September 2015.


Scotland's aquifers and groundwater bodies report cover
This report, published in 2015, was written jointly by BGS and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). The report is written in the form of a manual for those with some technical groundwater (hydrogeological) knowledge, but also includes summaries for non-specialists.


Inorganic laboratory
We undertake a wide range of research in the team, and work closely in collaboration with key university partners. Our research has a wide base across health and environmental quality, both within the UK and internationally. We also provide analytical services to other Directorates within BGS, and to external organisations.


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