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NERC has commissioned five highly ambitious research programmes, worth £34m, that will see its research centres, including the BGS, working closely together to tackle major scientific and societal challenges.


East Cliff Landslide, Bournemouth
On 24 April 2016, the BGS Landslide Response Team received reports of a landslide on a 35 m high section of the East Cliff in Bournemouth, Dorset.


DU penetrator
Examples of how BGS research impacts on people’s lives and livelihoods.


Mineral mining
This team carries out research on metallic mineral deposit formation and compiles and analyses global mineral production statistics.


BGS Staff at work in the laboratory
New research developed by an international team of scientists including the British Geological Survey has just been published in Nature Communications. The new study dates past methane emissions from the Barents Sea, to the north of Norway, as well and investigates its potential impact on greenhouse gas concentrations and the climate record.


Slice through a soil aggregate
Does the location of organic matter in soil aggregates influence whether bacteria can access it? Seeing through soil to locate soil organic matter.


Topsoil Ph
Can farmers' soil analyses be used to monitor important soil indicators across England and Wales?


One of the Ecuador landslide areas.
The BGS has played a leading role in building an inventory of landslides and advising on the associated hazards following the M7.8 Ecuador earthquake on 16th April 2016.


UNESCO geoparks logo
UNESCO Global Geoparks are single, unified geographical areas where sites of international geological heritage are holistically managed for protection, education and sustainable development.


Cityscape and underneath the ground
Many cities are developing 'future city' programmes where knowledge dissemination, cooperation, policy reform and urban design run in parallel with big data and smart technologies. We are working with those at the forefront of future cities thinking to ensure that urban geoscience research and data is embedded in this process and the value of the ground beneath cities is realised.


Rachel sampling
Updated information on Vale of Pickering environmental baseline monitoring. New realtime seismicity data and preliminary radon and soil gas results.


Maremap map
The BGS is working with The Crown Estate to understand seabed development opportunities across UK Continental Shelf, by creating a seabed constraints analysis derived from new Geological Factor maps.


National geological model
Plans to generate better data through a National Geophysical Survey extend BGS National Geological Model.


Woman with water in a glass
See our newly updated UK Baseline pages, with free access to 35 baseline groundwater chemistry reports and new map search tool.


Closed filing cabinet
The card catalogue records items added to the BGS Library service from 1970 to the mid 1980s, when the computerised catalogue ENVIROLIB began.


Eight new soil and sediment geochemical maps and data (Ba, Ca, Hf, Sm, Si, Sr, Ti, Zr) for south west England now available to download.


UAV gas monitoring
The British Geological Survey and QuestUAV Ltd, with co-funding from Innovate UK, are developing a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) gas detection system aimed at the energy sector.


BUFI logo
For a glimpse into our student's research and their wonderful and varied field trips read some of the contributions they have made to the BGS Blog – GeoBlogy


Further periods of intense or prolonged rainfall could potentially lead to localised groundwater flooding.


BGS logo to colour in
The Cartographics team at BGS have been busy thinking how we can brighten up the dull, dark month of January after the Christmas cheer. In keeping with the current craze for mindful colouring, we've created a series of maps and images, using our geological data, that you can colour in. Grab your pencils and start feeler calmer, less stressed and more at peace. Share your creations with us.


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