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Manchester and the Lower Mersey Corridor
The aim of this project is to model the ground conditions and natural hazards within this urban setting by integrating modern surface geological mapping and other geo-environmental information with subsurface borehole data.


BGS Risk List 2011 Pie Chart
A new supply risk index for chemical elements or element groups which are of economic value The risk list gives a quick indication of the relative risk in 2011 to the supply of the chemical elements or element groups which we need to maintain …


Screen shot showing the landforms map.
During the last ice age the island of Anglesey in north-west Wales lay beneath a thick ice sheet that flowed down the Irish Sea. After the ice melted away it left a distinctive footprint on Anglesey in the form of gently rolling landforms and …


OpenGeoscience logo
The BGS is a data-rich organisation with over 400 datasets in its care including environmental monitoring data, digital databases, physical collections (borehole core, rocks, minerals and fossils), records and archives.


Gravity data sample
Gravity and magnetic surveys involve measuring the Earth s gravitational and magnetic fields using highly sensitive instruments. These Potential Field measurements can be made on the Earth surface, both on land and the sea bottom, from ships or …


Glacier in Iceland
Glaciologists and Earth scientists are increasingly using a technique known as micromorphology to study the sediments (gravel, sand and mud) left behind as after a glacier or ice sheet has melted away.


Our citizen science programme encourages volunteers to record observations about temporary geological exposures - GeoExposures - or geological hazards (such as a landslide or flooding event).


Studying Japan tsunami sediments
BGS scientists visited north-east Japan in May and June to study the area devastated by the tsunami caused by the Great Tohoku earthquake of 11 March 2011. During the most recent trip in June, the BGS team carried out further research on the …


Digital geological map
The digital products pages have been updated, consolidated and simplified, which includes the 2011 Radon map for Scotland. More about the BGS digital products pages


Geophysical map
The subsurface of the East Midlands region has been intensively explored by boreholes and seismic surveys on account of its rich resources of coal and hydrocarbons. This memoir is based on an exhaustive use of such data, acquired during seven …


Seismic trace
On 27 June 2011 a tsunami was reported in South West England, between Penzance and Portsmouth, along approximately 200 miles of coastline. However, the tsunami was not geological in origin. It was probably caused by a meteorological effect, …


Landslide Assessment GeoReport
New landslide assessment for those with an interest in the landslides in a particular area or for preliminary site assessments. More about the Landslide Assessment GeoReport


GeoScenic photo archive.
A new spatial interface has been added to our GeoScenic photo archive. Browse the GeoScenic UK photograph viewer


Digital geographical map
The report utilises the new lithostratigraphical framework, published in the Overview Report which employs the full hierarchy of the stratigraphical code for the correlation of the onshore Quaternary deposits of Great Britain. It also defines …


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