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Captain Scott and members of the Southern depot party. Wilson and Bowers seated. Mount Erebus behind. (Copyright British Antarctic Survey/NERC)
This year, 2012, commemorates 100 years since Scott s ill-fated journey to the South Pole. During the journey south and at the base camp at Cape Evans, scientific observations were of paramount importance to Scott and his team. The BGS archive …


Lias Group Report Cover
The Lias Group encompasses some of the most important geological formations in Britain. They have been involved in major engineering projects, industrial exploitation, and pioneering scientific research over the last two centuries. The new …


Water drop
A drought has been declared in south-east and eastern England. Low rainfall this winter in central, southern and eastern England, following two previous winters of below average rainfall, has resulted in exceptionally low river flows and …


The anticipated arrival of a interplanetary coronal mass ejection (ICME) associated with the large X5.4 solar flare on 7 March impacted the Earth's magnetic field at 11:03 UT this morning (8 March). This took approximately 34.5 hours to travel …


There has been an increase in geomagnetic activity over the past 24 hours resulting from activity on the Sun. This activity is expected to increase over the next 48 hours. Wednesday 7 March saw an increase in geomagnetic activity due to the …


Hartland Magnetic Observatory site
The BGS holds a unique collection of about 250 000 historical magnetograms on photographic paper - original recordings of the variations in the strength and direction of the Earth's magnetic field. Browse our new online geomagnetic yearbooks …


3D small people  questionnaire © iStock/AnatolyM
We are updating iGeology; the smartphone App that lets you take a geological map of Britain with you wherever you go. What should we include in the next version? Please can you can help us by completing this survey so that we can build a better …


NDGC logo
Use the collections and information at the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) to find out more about the subsurface of Great Britain for academic or commercial purposes. New and updated content.


Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
The BGS national Infiltration SuDS Map provides an assessment of the suitability of the subsurface for the installation of infiltration sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). The map allows users to determine the properties of the subsurface with …


Shale Gas Project
Exploration and production of shale gas from onshore UK requires the operator to obtain licenses from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The operator must also meet a number of strict regulatory requirements set by the …


Geoscholar data for the Isle of Wight
The BGS is a data-rich organisation with over 400 datasets in its care including environmental monitoring data, digital databases, physical collections (borehole core, rocks, minerals and fossils), records and archives. Search our data …


Recently, a collection of 'unregistered fossil plants' was found in one of the Survey's windowless vaults in Keyworth, in central England. These comprise hundreds of beautiful thin sections of fossil wood dating from the early nineteenth …


Geophysical baselines
The project undertakes the maintenance and delivery of non-seismic UK geophysical data together with relevant research on geoscientific, environmental and resource applications.


The BGS is working with industry and academia to develop geoscience tools for strategic railway planning and performance monitoring that includes: Route evaluation and infrastructure assessment Research and partnerships Published research …


Porthkerry rockfall
At around 22:30 on Monday 31 October 2011 a rock fall occurred on the sea cliff at the Porthkerry Leisure Park, a static caravan site, near Barry, South Wales.


Wren s Nest
The Digital Integrated Stratigraphy Project (DISP) is a web-based, open access, digital resource for stratigraphy. The project aims to eliminate stratigraphic ambiguity associated with sample position within a stratigraphic section. More about …


The Katla volcanic system, in southern Iceland, comprises a central volcano and a fissure system. It is partly covered by the Mýrdalsjökull ice cap, which infills the c. 650 m-deep summit caldera. Katla is one of Iceland s more active …


Field sampling
The aim of this study is to investigate the role of scale on soil moisture.


Soil Sampling
G-BASE geochemical samples can be displayed in Google Earth using KML files. Information downloaded from the BGS corporate Geochemistry Database is converted into standardised data files, classified by country (England, Wales, Scotland and N. …


BGS Shale Gas Project
BGS capability ranges across a wide area of shale gas research, from prospectivity assessment and shale fracture analysis to materials-testing and hydrological impact assessment. More about the BGS Shale Gas Project


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