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Laboratory bottles
Made available in June 2012, the geochemistry data model is the second download to be made available through the OpenGeoscience   Knowledge Exchange project.


Linked data logo
Linked Data is about using the web to connect related data. Web addresses (URIs) are assigned to real-world things. Data about those things is published in machine-readable formats at the assigned addresses. Other datasets can then point to …


GeoReports logo
The Infiltration-to-the-ground GeoReport has been revised to include 24 maps excerpts, reflecting the 24 GIS layers within the Infiltration SuDS map national dataset. This revised report is called the Infiltration SuDS GeoReport This report is …


Geological time clock
Three billion years of Earth's history squeezed into a 130-metre-long stone concourse, every step bringing you about 25 million years closer to the present day. The new Geological Walk at BGS Keyworth was officially opened on 17 May 2012 by Sir …


ICDP-UK logo
In April 2012 the NERC agreed that the British Geological Survey could invest in membership of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program ( ICDP) ) on behalf of the Earth science sector to build national capability for the UK …


Baseline groundwater sampling
The Eden Valley in East Cumbria is underlain by Permo-Triassic sandstone, the major aquifer in North West England. The aquifer is covered by low permeability till deposits. Concern about rising nitrate trends in some boreholes has prompted …


Multibeam data from the North Basin of Windermere
The BGS, in collaboration with the University of Southampton and the Environment Agency have funded a PhD which aims to investigate modern and glacial environments and processes in Windermere. As part of this PhD, a recent BGS survey has …


Cracked earth
Just as the first Swallow heralds summer, jokes about the wettest drought on record herald the end of a drought - but is it really the end? The drought we have been in, and still are in, has its roots over a two year period rather than the …


Bottled waters sampled in this study
The BGS has carried out a survey of the inorganic chemistry of bottled natural mineral waters and spring waters from across the British Isles. We analysed 85 samples from 67 groundwater sources from a diverse range of aquifer rock types. …


View of water through a crystal ball © (Silke Dietze)
The Future Flows and Groundwater Levels project has carried out the first consistent assessment of the impact of climate change on river flows and groundwater levels across England, Wales and Scotland, using the latest projections from the UK …


GBASE sieving
The analyses presented in this advanced atlas are for those soil samples collected for the National Soil Inventory ( NSI ) by the Soil Survey of England and Wales (now the National Soil Resources Institute , Cranfield University, UK) as …


Cut-out puppet of a Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur
Choose one of our hand puppets or models of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures to download, print and make. All the puppets and models are available as a full-colour version or you can print them in black-and-white if you would like to …


BGS publications available at the Keyworth shop
A BGS-led project team have produced new detailed quantitative groundwater maps for Africa. The maps are the first produced for Africa and are underpinned by dedicated case studies and systematic data/literature reviews. Working with a project …


Seismic trace
A report published by DECC on 17 April 2012, that includes a BGS co-author, concludes that the earthquakes near Blackpool in April and May 2011 were induced by hydraulic fracture treatments at the Preese Hall well (PH1), operated by Cuadrilla …


3D geological model
The BGS is working with Glasgow City Council to look into the use of heat energy from the ground to help to warm Glasgow's homes and communities. Our studies are helping to identify which parts of the city would offer the best prospects of …


Water overflow due to flooding
The BGS is the national repository for groundwater data and information and in addition have extensive holdings of international groundwater data and information. We are working to make this available via this website: Groundwater levels …


Spatial coverage of groundwater chemistry data in Scotland
Collecting new data on groundwater chemistry in Scotland to provide a scientific foundation to Scottish, UK and European water quality policy. New surveying results and data for several regions.


3D model
New and updated content and LithoFrame samples. 3D models help us visualise the ground beneath our feet without the need for interpretation of traditional geological maps. We are developing 3D models at range of scales to meet the needs of our …


Water drop
Groundwater levels across much of England are low a drought has been declared in south-east and eastern England. View a timeline of the groundwater levels from 1970 to present.


Systems geology
Systems geology views geology as a set of interacting objects and processes that function as a whole. It aims to harmonise many aspects of geological information with the e-scientists vision of a comprehensive global knowledge system.


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