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New York skyscrapers
Human driven biological, chemical and physical changes to the Earth's system are so great, rapid and distinct that they may characterise an entirely new epoch – The Anthropocene.


GeoBritain Map
The British Isles host a wide range of fascinating geology providing secret walks through breathtaking scenery, literary inspiration, idyllic holiday destinations and the building materials for historic monuments. Use the GeoBritain map to browse geology groups, museums, discovery centres, geoparks and other important geological sites open to the public.


Baseline groundwater sampling
The Eddleston Water Floodplain Project is a joint effort by a number of organisations to investigate and reduce the impact of flooding in the Eddleston catchment, a large part of which has been supported and funded by the Scottish Government.


By citing datasets in the same manner as journal articles, credit can be assigned to the dataset creators and discoverability is improved.


Paper records
The British Geological Survey (BGS) maintains a wealth of data, information and other materials gathered throughout the history of the organisation. We manage such geoscience data for the long-term benefit of all and endeavour to make the data available online and without charge where possible.


Earthwise logo
The new book, launched by the National Forest Company and the British Geological Survey, illustrates through walks and a simple geological map how everything about The National Forest stems from the underlying rocks.


Moray coast and Inverness 3D model
Since 2007 the BGS has been developing 3D models to capture and visualise the complexity of both the superficial and bedrock geology. These models will enable planning authorities and regulators to address land-use issues, particularly around Inverness.


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Rest and Be Thankful (A83) Landslide, 2012
Following a period of heavy rain, on 1 August 2012 a debris flow landslide occurred along the A83 Rest and Be Thankful pass (Argyll and Bute, Scotland). The BGS Landslide Response Team made a visit to the landslide on 2 August 2012 to record the failure.


De la Beche lecture theatre, BGS, Keyworth.
The BGS has a conference suite and well-equipped meeting rooms at its Keyworth office near Nottingham. Rooms can be hired by the day or half-day.


African groundwater maps
The quantitative maps of groundwater productivity, storage, and depth to groundwater can be downloaded below. Each map is available as a high resolution pdf file.


BGS Edinburgh
The BGS have recently worked in partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) on the strategic assessment of the value and state of Scotland s geodiversity to help develop the basis for a national policy framework on geodiversity. We also …


Eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano, Iceland.
The Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP) brings together expertise from across the UK's leading public sector agencies with the aim of drawing upon scientific advice in the preparation, response and review of natural hazards. In response to the …


Flooding signs
In recent years groundwater has been recognised as a significant source of flooding in the UK. These FAQS are intended for home buyers, planners and and anyone that thinks they have been affected by groundwater flooding. FAQs include: My house …


Digital geographical map
A new interface to the Offshore GeoIndex has been released. The previous version will remain available for a limited period.


CUSP logo
The BGS are researching the hydrogeology of the superficial deposits within the Clyde valley to further characterise groundwater levels and the groundwater chemistry in the different geological units. This work should help us better understand …


mySoil logo
my Soil is a new free smartphone app from the BGS and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. my Soil lets you take a soil properties map of Britain with you wherever you go, helping you learn about the soil beneath your feet. And with your …


Glacier in Iceland
The BGS operate an observatory site at Virkisjökull in south-east Iceland, studying the evolution of the glacier and the surrounding landscape and their responses to regional climate. Repeated high resolution surveys study how both the glacier …


Geology egg
Create a custom geology or earthquakes map of the UK and embed it in your own website.


Sharing data © istock/kizilkayaphotos
The BGS are involved in many initiatives at UK, European and global scales that aim to increase access to public environmental spatial data in interoperable formats. Such data can be combined with data from other organisations to improve …


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