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3D pdf, Google Earth layer (KMZ) and as part of a free BGS Lithoframe model viewer.


Stack of books. © Oytun Karadayi
Citation search of BGS outputs compiled from Scopus for the period 1 Jan 2007 to 31 December 2012 and the top 10 downloads, from the NERC Open Research Archive (NORA), of publications during the period 1 Jan 2007 to 31 December 2012.


Sir William Edmond Logan, a Canadian, was influential amongst early nineteenth century British geologists and collaborated with the BGS's first Director, Henry de La Beche, mapping parts of South Wales.


Tetrapod world
Tetrapod World early evolution and diversity, or TWeed for short, is a new scientific research project studying fossils and environments from the Early Carboniferous period.


St Kilda (Photo: Anna White)
The BGS are calling on all adventurers, intrepid geology fans and keen photographers to help enhance their knowledge of our geological landscapes. In some parts of the UK the BGS photographic coverage is limited due to extreme terrain or difficult to reach vantage points. The BGS is asking for your help to photograph these EXposures!


Tanzanian girl with fluoride-stained teeth
Groundwater is an important source of drinking water and it is estimated that more than 200 million people worldwide are drinking groundwater with fluoride concentrations greater than the WHO guideline value of 1.5  mg/L. The majority of these cases occur in the developing world.


Groundwater levels - November 2012
This new page shows the most recent entries of our blog, On the water front - groundwater matters at BGS, which relate to groundwater levels and the potential for groundwater flooding and groundwater drought.


BGS Logo
The BGS recently held a forum to provide our stakeholders with a summary of recent science results, its impact, and our future direction.


GB3D National Bedrock Fence Diagram
In December 2012 the geological map of Great Britain was extended into the third dimension with the release of GB3D shown as a network of cross-sections through the earth's crust.


Coastal landslide
We are still receiving new reports and processing landslide data, but initial figures indicate that there was a four- to five-fold increase in the number of landslides for July and December when compared with previous years


Whitby Landslides, North Yorkshire
The BGS Landslide Response Team received reports of two landslides on the east side of Whitby, North Yorkshire, following above average rainfall that affected most of the UK from April-November 2012.


SIGMAmobile logo
BGS< SIGMAmobile is a field data capture system designed to run on rugged tablet PCs with integrated GPS units, which also now has additional tools to clean the field linework to make professional quality map outputs.


We have recently updated our Groundwater flooding FAQs to help land planners, developers and home buyers make better informed decisions.


Measuring unstable parameters with field meters while sampling groundwater.
The BGS already has some information on methane in groundwaters for a number of UK aquifers, collected since the 1980s. The current survey began in 2012, with initial sampling campaigns in aquifers in Lancashire and Cheshire south Wales and Hampshire, Sussex and Kent.


Christmas Tree
Christmas and New Year opening hours for: BGS sites, offices and enquiries; Geology shops and sales desks; Bookshop, GeoRecords+ and GeoReports.


BritGeothermal logo
BritGeothermal is a mechanism for technical collaboration and cooperation in geothermal research within the UK. It aims to develop a greater understanding of UK geothermal resources and to research their exploitation so that geothermal energy can become part of the energy mix.


Core box S30000
In late October 2012, the relocation of UKCS cores from Gilmerton (Edinburgh) to the National Geoscience Data Centre Core Store, at Keyworth, was completed.


EA 3D model
Accessing Subsurface Knowledge (ASK) is an innovative subsurface data and knowledge exchange network between public and private sectors that is focused around Glasgow. ASK aims to improve the understanding of subsurface conditions via the free flow of data and knowledge that underpins successful construction and regeneration projects.


Virtual borehole
This virtual borehole and section viewer allows you to drill virtual boreholes or draw virtual cross-sections through a geological model in five selected areas of the UK reflecting a range of geological settings.


Open-loop ground source heat pump. (Image: courtesy of US Department of Energy.
Ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems exploit the temperature difference between above-ground (air) temperatures and below-ground (including groundwater) temperatures for heating or cooling demands.


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