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Shale gas
Concerns have been raised in the North West area about subsidence relating to shale gas extraction. The British Geological Survey considers that the risk of significant subsidence is very low. Oil and gas production from conventional …


ICDP-UK logo
Prof Melanie Leng has been appointed to the Executive Committee (EC) of ICDP to represent the UK membership.


Dinoflagellate cyst: Apectodinium augustum
About 56 million years ago, Earth experienced rapid global warming in association with a natural release to the atmosphere of an amount of CO2 and methane in the order of all present-day fossil fuel reserves.


Shale gas
To help companies understand where to drill and the impact of fracking, they need to know the distribution and size of natural stresses which are always present in the earth's crust.


Billy's Basement Bakers club
Cake-baking staff at the British Geological Survey have celebrated raising more than £2000 for the homeless charity Framework by launching their own recipe book.


BGS staff member Melanie Leng
Congratulations to Prof. Melanie Leng who has been reappointed to the Advisory Board of the international multidisciplinary research and review journal Quaternary Science Reviews (QSR).


BGS staff member Dr Julia West
Julia West has been appointed as Honorary Visiting Professor in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (SEAES) at the University of Manchester.


Baseline groundwater sampling
In April 2012, with hosepipe bans in place across much of southern England, and record low water levels in many of our Chalk aquifers, there was a lot of media interest in the drought. BGS scientists helped explain how spring rainfall was unlikely to significantly recharge aquifers.


Lorraine Field
Dr Lorraine Field used to be a contracts manager in a telecoms infrastructure company - a good job but not one which really got her fired up.


Lake Sediment
There are concerns that in the future changes in climate might increase the spread of diseases and threaten human health. For example, a warmer and wetter climate could lead to disease-carrying creatures which thrive in warm, moist environments spreading to new regions.


I'm a scientist logo
'I'm a Scientist, Get me out of Here !' is a free online event where school students get to meet and interact with scientists. It's a free X Factor-style competition between scientists, where the students are the …


Dr Rachel Dearden
Saturday 30 June BGS hydrogeologist, Dr Rachel Dearden, was interviewed by the BBC Breakfast team about why surface water flooding occurs after extreme rainfall, and how sustainable drainage can help reduce the volume of surface water in our …


OpenMI award 2012
A British Geological Survey (BGS) and Loughborough University team, have won an OpenMI Award for a 'catastrophe model'  that could help the insurance industry meet new EU regulations. Catastophe, or CAT, models are used by the insurance …


Calum Ritchie with  BCS President,  Peter Jolly. (Photo: Martin Lubikowski)
The BGS geological maps, Anglesey (Ynys Môn): A Landscape Carved by Ice , have won two British Cartographic Society (BCS) awards. The BGS 1:50 000 scale landforms, printed maps, of Anglesey were awarded the Stanfords Award for Mapping 2012 . …


Shamank Rock
The BGS have secured funding for a new project on the impact of anthropogenic pollution on Lake Baikal in Siberia: 'Silicon isotope records of recent environmental change and anthropogenic pollution from Lake Baikal'. The work, funded by the …


A fossil fish
Major funding news The BGS will be working on a new project on the evolution of life on Earth: 'Mid-Palaeozoic biotic crisis; Setting the trajectory of tetrapod evolution'. The work, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, will …


Awards ceremony
The BGS research project on the development of a bioaccessibility test for polyaromatic hydrocarbons in soil to aid in human health risk assessment and brownfield land reclamation, commissioned by National Grid: Gas and managed by Parsons …


Oil rig
The launch of a new centre of North Sea expertise today could accelerate the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and unlock three billion barrels of hard-to-reach oil from the North Sea. The Centre for North Sea Enhanced Oil …


Coastal erosion at Southwold
Future management of coastal erosion and flooding is the focus of a new collaborative project, iCoast. The research consortium includes the BGS, University of Southampton, University College London, Oxford University, Manchester University, …


Seismic trace
Since the beginning of February, a sequence of at least nine small earthquakes has struck the island of Islay on the west coast of Scotland. The largest of the earthquakes had a magnitude of 2.8 ML, while two others had magnitudes in excess of …


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