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Melanie Leng has been nominated to represent the International Continental scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) on the International Ocean Discovery Program(IODP)/European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) outreach task force.


Dr  Michael Watts
Dr Michael Watts, Head of the BGS Inorganic Geochemistry Group, has been made an Honorary Associate Professor within the School of Biosciences at the University of Nottingham.


University of Nottingham
Three staff members from the School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham have been appointed as visiting research associates (VRAs) with the British Geological Survey (BGS).


Andrew Finlayson
The Quaternary Research Association has awarded the prestigious Lewis Penny Medal Andrew Finlayson at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh.


Professor  Anson Mackay
Professor Anson Mackay from the Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London (UCL) has been appointed as Visiting Research Associate with the BGS; he will hold this honorary position alongside his post and ongoing research projects at UCL.


Dr Susan Loughlin

The Natural Environment Research Council extends warmest congratulations to colleagues who have received the Queen's New Year Honours in recognition of their outstanding services to science.


Professor Philip Barker
Professor Philip Barker from the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, has been appointed as Visiting Research Associate with the British Geological Survey. Prof. Barker will hold this honorary position with the British Geological Survey alongside his post and ongoing research projects at the University of Lancaster.


BGS roundel
NERC proceeds to the next stage of its review of the ownership and governance of the British Geological Survey.


Sven Könitzer
In early December 2013, Sven Könitzer was granted a doctorate for his PhD research, jointly funded by the British Geological Survey and the University of Leicester, Primary biological controls on UK Lower Namurian shale gas prospectivity: A step towards understanding a major potential UK unconventional gas resource.


Professor Colin Snape
Professor Colin Snape, Director of Energy Technologies Research Institute, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham has been appointed as Visiting Research Associate with the British Geological Survey.


Professor Sarah Davies
Professor Sarah Davies, of the University of Leicester, has been invited to be a visiting research associate with the British Geological Survey.


ECORD logo
On 7 September 2013 the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) launched a challenging two-month expedition to the Baltic Sea. On-board the drilling vessel Greatship Manisha is a team from BGS.


BGS staff member Helen Bonsor
Helen Bonsor has won a silver medal as part of the Scotland team in the World Long Distance Mountain WRMA competition in Poland. Helen finished 7th overall in the women's race in a time of 4h:01m:32s. This is a fantastic performance on her international debut.


Professor  Melanie Leng
Professor Melanie Leng will join the NERC Peer Review College (NERC PRC) as a core panel member from 1 January 2014. The core panel members have lead responsibility for attending moderating panel meetings to ensure consistency within and between different panel areas and funding schemes.


Moss bank
A new study of plants and soils in Antarctica shows fundamental changes related to global warming. The research is a result of a collaboration between two NERC Institutes (British Antarctic Survey and British Geological Survey) and the Universities of Cambridge and Exeter.


Dr Robert Thomas receiving the Coke Medal
Dr Robert Thomas has won the 2013 Coke Medal for 'Services to Africa'. The Coke Medal, awarded annually by the Geological Society, is given to scientists for their contributions to geology.


Prof. Melanie Leng
A review article on the use of isotope geochemistry in lake sediments as a means of understanding past climates remains one of the top downloaded articles in the environmental change journal Quaternary Science Reviews.


Dragon's back perspective
Our research reveals that the changing shape of a hillslope can reveal whether a landscape is growing due to erosion driven by tectonic processes beneath, or is in a state of decay.


Mike Stephenson
Mike's new book 'Returning Carbon To Nature' looks at carbon capture and storage as part of the carbon cycle and climate change, and at coal and its place in future energy.


BGS roundel
The British Geological Survey (BGS), along with other centres in the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), has been assessed to determine the excellence and impact of its research.


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