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Naomi Sykes
Congratulations to Dr Naomi Sykes from the Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham who has been appointed as a Visiting Research Associate within the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry, British Geological Survey. Naomi works closely with Dr Angela Lamb and Prof Jane Evans on a variety of isotope-based zooarchaeology projects including the recently awarded AHRC grant: Changing Scientific and Cultural Perspectives on Human-Chicken Interactions.


BGS staff member Robert Ward
Congratulations to Rob Ward (Director of Science for Groundwater, BGS) on his appointment as Honorary Professor within the School of Geography.


Sampling water supplies in Cornwall
Lancaster University will lead on training scientists of the future who will improve our understanding of soils, which are key to tackling many of today’s global challenges, including food, water and energy security.


Nottingham University
Dr Barry Lomax from the School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham has been appointed as Visiting Research Associate within the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry, British Geological Survey.


Geology Journal
Late Cenozoic climate history in Africa was punctuated by episodes of variability, characterized by the appearance and disappearance of large freshwater lakes within the East African Rift Valley.


Lake Challa
The DeepCHALLA project has secured nearly £0.5 million from the International Continental scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) towards drilling costs in order to conduct an unrivalled suite of state-of-the-art investigations into equatorial climate change using environmental proxies, chronological tools and climate modelling.


NCCCS logo
BGS now have 3 honorary staff appointments in place as part of NCCCS.


NGPD map
A milestone was reached at BGS this August as the 100 000th borehole was entered into the National Geotechnical Properties Database.


Waterfall A11980
Abandoned landfill sites throughout the UK routinely leach polluting chemicals into rivers, say scientists.


Sev Kender
Dr Sev Kender has been appointed as a Research Fellow within the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry (University of Nottingham) and an Honorary Research Fellow with the British Geological Survey. Sev is a Micropalaeontologist and Palaeoeanographer and has just returned from an IODP expedition off the coast of Japan, in the Philippine Sea, collecting sediment cores to investigate past changes in the ocean.


NERC impact awards logo
To mark its 50th anniversary, NERC is pleased to announce its inaugural Impact Awards.


Geology Cover July 2014
Around ca. 56 million years ago there was a major global environmental perturbation attributed to a rapid rise in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The period, called the Palaeocene-Eocene boundary, is often used as an analogue for a future greenhouse world. This paper shows for the first time that temperatures of tropical oceans rose to greater than 40oC and may have been the cause of loss of some marine biota at this time.


Jonathan Dean Graduation
Congratulations to Dr Jonathan Dean who graduated from the University of Nottingham yesterday. Jonathan is currently working within the Stable Isotope Facility at the BGS as an Isotope Apprentice. His PhD research was entitled: Stable Isotope Analysis and U-Th Dating of Late Glacial and Holocene Lacustrine Sediments from Central Turkey.


Dr Jonathan Dean
This paper considers whether the Anthropocene is recorded in the isotope geochemistry of the atmosphere, sediments, plants and ice cores, and the time frame during which any changes are recorded, presenting examples from the literature. Dean, J.R, Leng, M.J., Mackay, A.W. 2014. Is there an isotopic signature of the Anthropocene? The Anthropocene Review.


Annemarie Valentine
Annemarie from the University of Derby has defended her PhD on "An investigation into the seasonality of the Pliocene southern North Sea Basin: a sclerochronological approach."


Andi Smith
Andi Smith from the University of Lancaster has defended his PhD research on "Speleothem Climate Capture – A Holocene Reconstruction of Northern Iberian Climate and Environmental Change".


The Geological Society
The Geological Society has released a new Special Publication, 'A Stratigraphical Basis for the Anthropocene' that summarises the evidence that we’re now living in a new geological epoch – one of our own making.


3D geological model
Presentations from the British Geological Survey's Stakeholder Forum which took place at The Royal Society on Monday 2 June.


Nature cover
A new research project has begun to examine the history of chickens, involving archaeological records to investigate the history of the world’s most widely established livestock species, originally descended from the wild jungle fowl of South East Asia.


BGS staff member Andrew Tye
Dr Andrew Tye who works within the Soils, Landscape and Climate Processes Team has been made an Honorary Lecturer within the School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham.


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