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Seismic trace
Latest reports indicate that at least 85 people have been killed and another 150 injured in Samoa and American Samoa by a tsunami triggered by yesterday's earthquake. In the most affected areas whole villages have been destroyed by waves of up …


British Science Festival
Dr Mike Stephenson, Head of Energy at BGS, gave a talk on The North Sea: a store for Europe's future CO2 emissions at the BA Festival of Science in Guildford on 8 September. BGS is recognised as a European centre of excellence for the study of …


Carrington Event Graph
On 2 Sept 1859 magnetometers at Greenwich and Kew started to record wild deviations in compass direction. These variations persisted for days and began 18 hours after the first recorded observation of a solar flare, made by the astronomer …


Straddling two counties, one in Northern Ireland and one in the Irish Republic, Marble Arch Caves is the world's only transinternational and UNESCO-endorsed geopark. Patrick McKeever from the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland and Kirstin …


GeoVisionary 3D landscape visualising software is now being sold all over the world
The team behind GeoVisionary are adding functionality and features as sales escalate around the world. GeoVisionary 3D landscape visualising software was developed jointly by Virtalis and the British Geological Survey (BGS) and is now being …


 Newcastle College winning team of Thomas McEwen, Craig Dobson, Byron Johnson and James Buchanan with their solar oven.
Four teams of budding scientists, engineers and business students competed at the British Geological Survey in Nottingham from 6-8 July in a new World Skills UK environmental science competition. The event was aimed at young people who have an …


Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP)
Dr Richard Ogilvy, BGS Geophysical Tomography Team , has recently been appointed to the Board of the EU Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) , which advises the European Commission on its strategic research agenda. More …


Earthquakes are a deadly natural hazard. Every week somewhere around the world, an earthquake occurs that s big enough to cause serious damage to people, roads and buildings. More information and The Planet Earth podcast - Monitoring earthquakes.


Earthquake House, Ross, Comrie, information boards  House.
BGS has been assisting in the renovations of Earthquake House, built in the 1870s, the first purpose-built seismological observatory in the world. The building was originally constructed to house a simple device for marking when an earthquake …


North Beach, Great Yarmouth. Blown Sand. Dunes of Blown Sand viewed to the south from the promenade.
Hannah Evans, geomorphologist for the coastal change team at BGS, has won the Caird Research Fellowship with The Crown Estate to study the geomorphic evolution of the coastal system at Great Yarmouth. This work will draw together current and …


Exploding lightbulb. Fotosearch photography David Ewing
The recent workshop on assessing carbon dioxide (CO2) storage options in China, hosted by the British Geological Survey in February, drew together over 40 representatives from the Chinese academic community, European geological storage experts, …


Drilling at the Chimimbe Hill Prospect, Malawi.
New geological data revealing promising mineral wealth for Malawi were unveiled by the Malawi Minister of Mines, the Hon. Ted A. Kalebe at the International Mining Conference and Exhibition, Indaba, Cape Town, on 10 February 2009. The …


3D geology map of Britain
The BGS Strategy 'Applied Geoscience for our changing Earth', was launched at the Royal Society, London, on Wednesday 4 March 2009. Geoscience plays a pivotal role in providing solutions for many global problems which face mankind, …


Borehole drilling
Brian Morris and Jenny Cunningham have had a paper highly commended by the Water and Environment Journal as part of its Outstanding Paper Award 2008. Download a pdf copy of the paper Suburbanisation of important aquifers in England and Wales


IOW bedrock
The BGS team will be returning to the Island in April and May 2009 to complete the ground survey and sampling. Further analysis of aerial photographs and the other remotely sensed datasets will be carried out in the summer and autumn of 2009 …


AEGOS Partners
BGS staff from the SGT teams joined 23 consortium partners at the launching conference of the African-European Georesources Observation System (AEGOS) in Cape Town, South Africa, 9 February. AEGOS project aims at setting-up the preparatory …


Garth Earls and Barry Cryer
Garth Earls, Director of the GSNI , collects the Mining Journal Outstanding Achievement Country Award 2008 for Northern Ireland from Barry Cryer OBE, December 2008. The award recognised the business effect of the Tellus project in making …


Dr David Kerridge
The Royal Astronomical Society, the UK s voice for professional astronomers and geophysicists, announced the recipients of the Society's medals and prizes for 2009. The Award for Services to Geophysics goes to Dr David Kerridge, British …


Prof. James Scourse presenting Lewis Penny Medal to Tom Bradwell
Tom was presented with the medal and £100 prize money by the President of the Quaternary Research Association, Professor James Scourse, on January 6th 2009 at St Anne s College, University of Oxford. The prize rewards young (under 35) research …


Tellus award presentation
Mike Young, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, NI), receiving the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Innovation & Best Practice in Central Government Award for the TELLUS project at …


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