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Laser survey scanning of landslides
New research by the British Geological Survey (BGS), presented at the 2013 British Science Festival in Newcastle, is showing that the increase in the number of landslides that occurred in 2012 is continuing in 2013.


3D fossil
The British Geological Survey (BGS) along with JISC is today launching the world's first 3D Virtual Fossil Collection - browse and download thousands of 3D digital fossil models and quality images (many in 3D) in the comfort of your own home.


Tellus South West logo
The British Geological Survey (BGS) is leading an aerial survey (Tellus South West) over South West England to map its geology, natural resources and environment.


Bowland shale gas study area
The British Geological Survey in association with DECC has completed an estimate for the resource (gas-in-place) of shale gas in part of central Britain in an area between Wrexham and Blackpool in the west, and Nottingham and Scarborough in the east.


Royal Society Chartermark
Visitors to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London from 2 – 7 July will not only learn how glaciers flow forward and melt back but how they help us travel across time as well.


CO2 stored logo
The Crown Estate and the British Geological Survey have launched a new website, CO2 Stored, giving access to world-leading information on carbon dioxide (CO2) storage data around the UK continental shelf.


BGS Open Day 2013
An adventure-filled time awaits those visiting the British Geological Survey for its Open Day at their headquarters in Nottingham this Saturday 8th June.


SCCS logo
Experts from academia, government and industry have signed a collaborative research agreement that will provide invaluable knowledge to reduce risk and guide the development of commercial multi-user offshore storage sites for carbon dioxide.


Tetrapod World: early evolution and diversification
To explain how life evolved from fish-like vertebrates 360 million years ago, scientists from the British Geological Survey (BGS) and its partners are drilling a deep borehole at a location near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland.


Arctic meltown
New work published today, by scientists from the British Geological Survey (BGS), shows how the very rapid retreat of Iceland's glaciers during the last 10 years – unprecedented in over 80 years of measurements - is due to a combination of interlinked processes driven by warmer summers.


BGS Director of Science and Technology : Mike Stephenson
The British Geological Survey (BGS) announces the appointment of Professor Mike Stephenson as the new Director of Science and Technology at the BGS.


The National Geological Repository
The Rt Hon David Willetts MP will be at the British Geological Survey's Nottingham headquarters on 27 February 2013, to officially open the new National Geological Repository (NGR).


3D model
The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has launched a project to increase the understanding of the economics and potential use of energy systems involving low carbon hydrogen production, storage and flexible turbine technology.


High resolution image of a microscopic marine algae (diatom) fossil (half the width of a human hair)
Pioneering techniques used to analyse Antarctic fossils smaller than the width of a human hair could provide answers to the big question 'What caused climate change in the past?'


Carbon dioxide molecules
The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has announced that it has agreed a licence with The Crown Estate and the British Geological Survey to host and to steward the development of an online database of mapped UK offshore Carbon Dioxide (CO2) storage capacity.


National three-dimensional geological model of Great Britain, GB3D
The geological map of Great Britain has been extended into the third dimension with the release of GB3D by the British Geological Survey (BGS).


Open-loop ground source heat pump. (Image: courtesy of US Department of Energy.)
A free tool has been launched today which assesses whether a location could be suitable for a large (>100 kilowatts) open-loop ground source heat pump (GSHP) scheme.


School children at an open day at BGS
Scientists at the British Geological Survey (BGS) in Edinburgh will be opening the doors and manning their exhibits, experiments and displays at an open day on Saturday 22nd September 2012.


Deconstructed mobile phone (c) NERC
The new British Geological Survey (BGS) Risk List 2012 ranks the threat to the global supply of the metals and other elements which are vital to our modern economy.


Geothermal map
Did you know that you could heat your home by tapping into the Earth’s thermal store using Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) technology?


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