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BGS Staff at work in the laboratory
China's CO 2 emissions from using coal are set to double by 2030, the scale of which is significant in the context of mitigating global climate change. In view of the essential role of coal in China's energy system, it is vital to minimise …


Geochemical map of Europe
Executive Director of the British Geological Survey, Prof. John Ludden, met with Directors of the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland and the Geological Survey of Ireland to sign a Framework for Increased Scientific Cooperation between the …


Aerial photograph
BGS scientists present papers at Tellus map showcase in Northern Ireland. Scientists from the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, the British Geological Survey and other organisations presented the first results from the Tellus project today …


Photograph of exhibit in W5 at the Odyssey
The Geological Survey of Northern Ireland together with W5 interactive discovery centre and Quarry Products Association (NI) launched a new earth science exhibit in W5 at the Odyssey, today in Belfast. The new exhibit, GSNI VIRTUAL QUARRY, …


BGS Staff at work in the laboratory
Far from adding 'hot air' to the climate change debate, a network of scientists are leading the way on capture and storage of carbon dioxide underground.


Scottish Highland road
The British Geological Survey (BGS) in Edinburgh is opening its doors to the public on Saturday the 29th September as part of this year's Doors Open Day 2007 and the Scottish Geology Festival 2007.


Geophysical map sample
The British Geological Survey has recorded an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 Mw at 11:10 GMT on the 12th of September 2007. Today's earthquake is located near the coast of Southern Sumatra, Indonesia.


Aerial photograph
Press Release, Seismicity Map and Seismograms, BGS E-Mail Earthquake Questionnaire and Intensity Map of Manchester Earthquake.


Subsidence in Sutton
The British Geological Survey has recorded an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 Mw at 23:40 GMT on the 15th of August 2007. This earthquake is located near the coast of Peru, approximately 150 km SSE of Lima. A state of emergency has been …


The BGS shop in Keyworth
Enthusiastic staff from the British Geological Survey ran rock-related activities at the 21st World Scout Jamboree. The activities formed part of the 'Earth Zone', just one of many activity zones, where scouts could participate in enjoyable, …


Water overflow due to flooding
Scientists from the British Geological Survey took to the air in the aftermath of the flooding earlier this week to find out how modern flooding compares to ancient flood areas.


Mining equipment
Sixth Form students from across the East Midlands will put themselves between a rock and a hard place when they participate in a public inquiry to decide whether or not permission should be given for a new quarry.


BGS gives impartial advice to many overseas agencies and government departments
The British Geological Survey, part of the Natural Environment Research Council, was sorry to learn of the death of a Malagasy student, who was employed by local sub-contractors to work with the BGS geological mapping team in a remote part of …


School children enjoying an Open Day at BGS
Laidback lectures, games, guided tours, and exhibitions form the bedrock to a celebration of earth science in Devon this weekend.


BGS 3D cutaway
Earthquakes provide a source of fascination for all students. Get them hooked with interactive lessons that are practical and fun and this may nurture a future generation of earth scientists.


Scottish Highland road
Did you know that 400 million years ago the North West Highlands of Scotland were formed when two tectonic plates collided? The collision literally 'thrust' packages of rocks over one another, like shuffling a pack of cards, to build a mountain …


Geophysical model
Results of a detailed analysis of all available seismic data from Saturday's (28 April) earthquake by the British Geological Survey


Dover Straits Earthquake 28 April 2007 07:18 UTC (08:18 BST)


To mark National Science and Engineering Week, the BGS ran a 'Fossil & Rock Show' at its headquarters in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire. Nearly a thousand children and their teachers from primary schools in the East Midlands learned to pan for gold, …


Digital Geological map
Between 12 and 16 March 2007 at the Old Ship Hotel, Brighton, England, the British Geological Survey will host a kick-off event for perhaps the largest, most extensive and ambitious mapping project ever contemplated known as OneGeology. …


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