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CO2GeoNet logo
Europe now has a scientific authority on CO2 storage. CO2GeoNet, Europe's Network of Excellence working on the geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2), will meet in Venice on 18-20th March 2009 to present highlights from five years of …


School children enjoying an Open Day at BGS
Gold, dinosaurs, earthquakes, volcanoes, time travel - we have it all! School children find that learning how the earth works can be fun in a dramatic, hands-on event at the British Geological Survey. To mark National Science & Engineering …


BGS Digital Geological map
Newly prepared digital geological data revealing promising mineral wealth for Malawi will be unveiled by the Malawi Minister of Mines, the Hon. Ted A. Kalebe at the International Mining Conference and Exhibition, Indaba, Cape Town, on 10 February 2009.


Carbon Dioxide molecules
China's potential for carbon capture and storage (CCS), an essential technology to achieve low global emissions, will be examined next week at a conference of senior scientific experts from China and the EU. It will be hosted by the British …


Xmas snow
Mind how you go this Christmas! - with the seemingly frequent occurrence of flooding, subsidence, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in the world, we answer the question: How dangerous is geology?


Thin section MN32067
The Nickel Commodity Profile, the latest in this series from the British Geological Survey (BGS), is now available to download from Nickel is of strategic importance to the steel industry. Over the last 12 months, it has …


BGS Digital Geological map
The British Geological Survey (BGS) provides impartial and objective scientific advice on geological matters to a wide range of British and international stakeholders. Canatxx Gas Storage Limited proposes an underground gas storage facility in …


Archive awareness campaign logo
The British Geological Survey is running free guided archive tours for the public at Keyworth, Nottingham, on Saturday 29th November 2008. This event is in support of the national Archive Awareness Campaign 2008 and is entitled. 'Communities, …'


AGI Nov 07
Extension-related processes and rifting in ancient versus modern settings


The BGS shop in Keyworth
New online news site from NERC. Features, blogs & podcasts for the general public


De la Beche lecture theatre, BGS, Keyworth.
School Seismology Project on YouTube


Rock wall carved by mining equipment
The 500th anniversary of what may have been the largest earthquake ever to affect the UK in historical times occurs on 19 September 2008. Its size was perhaps as large as magnitude 7 (about the same size as the Kobe earthquake of 1995). The …


BGS scientists take to the skies in a De Havilland Twin Otter aircraft.
Scientists take to the skies of the Isle of Wight and Lymington areas.


Polar research
This month (September 2008) a 40-strong crew of artists and scientists embark on a scientific and cultural expedition to Disko Bay on the west coast of Greenland. Whilst the scientists monitor the sensitive and rapidly changing Arctic …


OneGeology - Geological map data on the globe
How can we understand the lives of creatures that lived and died millions of years ago? By examining the clues they left behind.


Waterfall A11980
A new website has just been launched that provides scientific knowledge to help policy-makers in government and industry, businesses, researchers and the public to cope with increasing water demands. It provides detailed, interdisciplinary …


OneGeology - Geological map data on the globe
OneGeology Press Release


The discovery by an international team of scientists is published today (Wednesday 23 July) in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. It involved researchers from the University of Leicester, North Dakota State University, the British Geological …


School children enjoying an Open Day at BGS
Gold panning, fossil casting, dry-stone walling, gift shop, bookshop. Geology, mineralology, palaeonotology, volcanology, marine geology, seismology, geomagnetism and more.


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