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The Geological Society
A memorial evening on the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan Disaster which will be attended by the President of the Geological Society, Malcolm Brown.


The Geological Society
The Engineering Group of the Geological Society (EGGS) will be holding a memorial lecture on the Aberfan Disaster 1966.


Prof W. Mike Edmunds
Groundwater and climate resilience lecture which aims to honour the legacy of Prof W. Mike Edmunds by promoting good hydrogeological science to the service of society.


Professor Michael Stephenson
TIME: 12:00-13:00, Wednesday 6th July 2016. VENUE: Committee Room 10, House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, London, SW1A 0AA. SPEAKER: Professor Michael Stephenson, Author, Shale Gas and Fracking: The Science behind the Controversy, and Director, Science and Technology, the British Geological Survey. To attend please RSVP to:


Heat pump and buffer tank at Grangetown Nursery School
Event including a tour of Grangetown Nursery School's new ground source heat pump installation.


Stable isotopes (with a focus on the lighter elements H, C, N, O, and S) can be measured on sedimentary remains of plants and animals. The beauty of this is that taxon–specific (identified) remains and individual compounds can be measured rather than bulk sediments.


Automated titration the laboratory, or in the field.
The aim of this short course is to allow PhD students (non–experts) to gain an understanding of the use of stable isotopes in Earth and environmental geosciences, through lectures, workshops and hands–on lab work.


Carbon dioxide molecules
British Geological Survey and Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage are hosting the 2nd Combined Meeting of the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) Modelling and Monitoring Networks.


Geological Society
BGS Director of Science and Technology Mike Stephenson is presenting a talk for the The Geological Society of London: East Midlands Regional Group.


Hands-on examination of fossils from the BGS collections
Come and join us for our Family Fun Day at Keyworth on Saturday 19 March; including lots of hands-on activities for children, along with talks and demonstrations.


RDA logo
Register for the 5th Research Data Alliance Interest Group-Working Group meeting which will take place on Wednesday 8 June at the University of Nottingham and Thursday 9 June at British Geological Survey (BGS).


3D model
Mike Stephenson presents 'Shale Gas and Fracking: the Science behind the Controversy' to the Central Scotland Region Group of the Geological Society


BGS staff member Michael Stephenson
Mike Stephenson presents 'Putting sub surface energy operations under scrutiny'.


3D faults
Mike Stephenson talks to the London School of Economics Energy Society about 'Shale Gas and Fracking: the Science behind the Controversy'


Phase transition
Mike Stephenson presents 'Exploring the latest work undertaken to investigate the effects of fracking on the subsurface'


Discover how life on earth moved from water onto land 360–345 million years ago through ground-breaking discoveries made in Scotland. This exhibition is based on research carried out by the Tweed Project.


British Science Week at BGS Keyworth
The BGS will be celebrating British Science Week from the 15-19 March 2016 at our offices in Keyworth near Nottingham.


Depositing data with NGDC
The BGS stand at this meeting will promote the National Geoscience Data Centre data deposit application.


BGS data products
Visit the BGS stand at GeoCom to find out more about the extensive range of BGS data products for researchers and environmental and engineering companies.


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