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Rock specimen of shale (P521463)
Shale gas is seen by some as a low-carbon bridge to renewables, and by others as a menace. This talk will examine the resource size and impacts of extraction.


Soil Sampling
Hugh Barron, Responsive Surveys Scotland Manager, will be speaking at the forthcoming Brownfield Briefing conference in Edinburgh on 30 January 2013. Hugh's presentation is titled: 'The ASK Network: Examining the development of a data gathering and transfer mechanism to improve data collection and use for reduced site investigation and development costs'.


Geological Society logo
East Midlands Regional Group, British Geological Survey The talk will survey the potential for shale gas and discuss environmental concerns, as well as outlining the role of independent and peer-reviewed science in shale gas development.


EGU 2010 logo
Maps to Models: Advances in 3D/4D Geoscience Interpretation Techniques and Methodologies The BGS, together with the Geological Survey of Bavaria and the Swiss Geological Survey, are co-convening this session at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) Conference in Vienna next year (7th-12th April 2013).


Micropalaeontological Society (TMS)
The TMS are delighted to announce that the 2012 AGM will be held at the BGS in Nottingham and takes place over 3 days. The conference Theme is Warm Worlds.


Geovisionary 3D UK
RSPSoc (The Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society) would like to announce an exciting upcoming event: the RSPSoc Wavelength Conference 2013. This conference provides the best professional environment for interaction and networking between representatives from university and commercial workplaces, whilst still being very informal and great value.


BGS will be launching a new series of 125,000 high-resolution images of drill core at PETEX 2012.


BGS logo
We will present a summary of recent science results and impact, and using a series of short presentations, tell you more about our future direction. Professor Sir John Beddington CMG FRS, Government Chief Scientific Adviser, has also agreed to speak.


World Skills Show logo
BGS will be at The Skills Show from 15-17 November at the NEC, Birmingham where we will be helping to run the final of the Environmental Science Competition for World Skills UK.


BGS staff member Roger Musson
In his new book, Dr Roger Musson, one of the world's leading seismologists, looks at the dangers of megaquakes, and explains where they'll next strike, why they're becoming more lethal, and what science and engineering are doing to save lives.


Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI)
Join us for a day of interactive Earth science with our giant floor map to discover the wonderfully diverse geology of Northern Ireland.


3D model
Join the ASK Network to help develop and exchange datasets and methods about the ground beneath Glasgow and beyond. ASK - or Accessing Subsurface Knowledge - is a new data and knowledge exchange network between public and private sectors …


Gas flame
A NATURAL GAS REVOLUTION: HOT AIR OR DOSE OF SANITY? Is gas the energy source of the future? Gas is relatively clean (greenhouse emissions are around 50% less than coal) so we'd be doing our bit for the planet. There's no question there's …


Oilpatch warrior
The untold story of onshore oil exploration in the East Midlands British onshore oil exploration has proceeded in a low key, episodic manner for almost two centuries. Britain's coal to oil modernity is deeply etched into the cultural and …


INTERNATIONAL Association of Hydrogeologists Congress (IAH)
THE INTERNATIONAL Association of Hydrogeologists Congress (IAH) at Niagara Falls, is the venue for the unveiling of a critical new function within GeoVisionary.


Archive Awareness Campaign logo
We will be running an open archive day for the public at Keyworth on Saturday 1st December 2012.


SUDSnet provides a UK-wide network for researchers, practitioners, agencies, developers and all those who are interested in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.


The Geological Society logo
This conference brings together leading academics, regulators and consultants to discuss known and emerging groundwater pollutants and the potential implication for human health in the UK and beyond.


British Science Festival
This event explains some cool facts about rocks that means there's a store of heat right beneath our feet!


British Science Festival
So what will happen when news breaks of a massive Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) on the Sun? Join us to unravel the jargon and discover if we'll see power blackouts or electrifying auroras!


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