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UK Geoenergy Observatories
This workshop will explain the process for sampling core, fluids and for geomicrobiological analyses from UK Geoenergy Observatories.


BGS staff member Michael Stephenson
Professor Mike Stephenson, Director of Science and Technology at the BGS, will be a keynote speaker at the ‘Next steps for the unconventional oil and gas market in the UK’ conference in Westminster on 4th April 2019.


Nottingham Park sandstone tunnel
Hidden within the developed urban environment of Nottingham City are a number of exceptional geological outcrops.


East Midlands Geological Society
East Midlands Geological Society Lecture. Presidential Address: Mike Allen


East Midlands Geological Society
East Midlands Geological Society Lecture. Professor Jim Rose.


Great Yarmouth North Beach
Joint meeting of The Geological Society and the Royal Geographical Society


Carbon dioxide molecules
The BGS will represent CO2GeoNet, the European network of research excellence on the geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) at the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP24) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh (P545612)
What did the Ice Age ever do for us? In association with Dynamic Earth


CO2GeoNet logo
ENOS 2nd Spring school on CO2 Geological Storage


East Midlands Geological Society lecture 10th November 2018


– detailed facility description and early sampling requirements.


Energy Research Accelerator
The Energy Research Accelerator will be holding the Midlands Energy Conference.


The aim of this short course is to allow PhD students (non–experts) to gain an understanding of the use of stable isotopes in Earth and Life sciences, through lectures and workshops.


Doors Open Day programme
The Lyell Centre opens its doors to the public, as part of the Doors Open Day programme.


Ince Marshes
Find out about the UK Geoenergy Observatories Cheshire Energy research Field Site.


Flood Expo 2018
BGS will be exhibiting at Flood Expo 2018, the World's largest flood Exhibition & Conference dedicated to showcasing the latest solutions in prediction, mitigation, resilience, management & rescue.


Geological Society
As geoscientists, we strive for an integrated view of the Earth beneath our feet. Yet, barriers are created by technical disciplines, prevailing methods and data availability. This unique workshop examines what can be gained from building shared models through time and how challenges that lie in their way can be overcome.


UK Geoenergy Observatories
10-4, Royal Society, London


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