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Plans submitted for geothermal energy research opportunity in Clyde Gateway

Two of the UK's leading scientific agencies have submitted plans for an exciting new research development proposed for the Clyde Gateway area in the east end of Glasgow.

27 April 2018

Press releases for April 2018

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  1. BGS home page, 34 644 visitors
  2. Lexicon, 14 475 visitors
  3. Downloads, 13 489 visitors
  4. Map and map data viewers, 8840 visitors
  5. Geology of Britain viewer, 8646 visitors
  6. Search borehole scans, 4439 visitors
  7. Coordinate converter, 3790 visitors
  8. Colour-in geology map, 3678 visitors
  9. GeoIndex, 3648 visitors
  10. OpenGeoscience, 2809 visitors

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Manx Group succession, early Ordovician, Northern England

Geological map of central and southern parts of the Isle of Man