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Deep groundwater in coastal deltas protected from contamination

A new study by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and University College London (UCL), led by Dr Dan Lapworth, has been published today in Geophysical Research Letters. This study shows that groundwater pumped from depths below 150 m in the coastal regions of the Bengal basin is thousands of years old and generally secure from contamination by salinity and arsenic found in shallow groundwater.

20 July 2018

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  1. BGS home page, 64 385 visitors
  2. Downloads, 68 407 visitors
  3. Lexicon, 21 201 visitors
  4. View maps, 13 878 visitors
  5. Geology of Britain viewer, 13 532 visitors
  6. Search borehole scans, 7362 visitors
  7. Coordinate converter, 7315 visitors
  8. GeoIndex, 6039 visitors
  9. What is an Earthquake?, 4818 visitors
  10. OpenGeoscience, 4788 visitors

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Metalliferous mineralisation of south-west Scotland

Location of significant metalliferous mineralisation in south-west Scotland.