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Here is a round up of metrics for October 2017. For all social media, the item shown is the most popular this month.

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UK Geoenergy Observatories. The British Geological Survey (BGS) is delivering a £31m investment in two subsurface (underground) research field sites to deliver new geological evidence that will advance our understanding of the subsurface environment and underpin the development of new energy science.

10 October 2017, 880 downloads

Press releases for October 2017

Top ten web pages

  1. BGS home page, 65,558 visitors
  2. Lexicon, 23,573 visitors
  3. Downloads, 17,782 visitors
  4. Geology of Britain viewer, 16,475 visitors
  5. Map and map data viewers, 14,487 visitors
  6. Maps portal, 12,107 visitors
  7. Search borehole scans, 7,657 visitors
  8. Coordinate converter, 5,641 visitors
  9. GeoIndex, 5,496 visitors
  10. OpenGeoscience, 5,229 visitors


YouTube views 13,020 for October