May 2017 | BGS communications dashboard

Here is a round up of metrics for May 2017. For all social media, the item shown is the most popular this month.

BGS Web Stats

Top search phrases

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Top ten web pages

  1. BGS home page, 65,049 visitors
  2. Lexicon, 19,099 visitors
  3. Downloads, 15,738 visitors
  4. Geology of Britain viewer, 14,258 visitors
  5. Map and map data viewers, 12,241 visitors
  6. Search borehole scans, 7,124 visitors
  7. What causes the man-made greenhouse effect?, 6,081 visitors
  8. Coordinate converter, 5,987 visitors
  9. OpenGeoscience, 5,586 visitors
  10. GeoIndex, 5,041 visitors

Earthwise page of the month

Early Palaeozoic Iapetus Ocean

Outline geology of southern Scotland and adjacent areas. P912313


24,130 Facebook likes

'The Day the Dinosaurs Died'


23,200 Twitter followers

Don't forget to tune in to @BBCTwo tonight at 9pm for #TheDayTheDinosaursDied