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Here is a round up of metrics for October 2016. For all social media, the item shown is the most popular this month.

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Monitoring methane in groundwater

BGS position on the fracking decision in the UK. The overturning of Lancashire County Council's rejection for permission to drill for shale gas means that it's possible that shale gas may be extracted commercially in the area.
10 October 2016, 1,715 downloads

Press releases for October 2016

Top ten web pages

  1. Downloads, 78,461 visitors
  2. BGS home page, 57,924 visitors
  3. Lexicon, 20,947 visitors
  4. Geology of Britain viewer, 16,509 visitors
  5. Map and map data viewers, 9,824 visitors
  6. Search borehole scans, 8,363 visitors
  7. Search the BGS website, 7,240 visitors
  8. BGS maps portal, 6,030 visitors
  9. GeoIndex, 5,855 visitors
  10. Coordinate converter, 5,773 visitors


YouTube views 10,634 for October


23,249 Facebook likes

Geomagnetic storm in progress!


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#Cornwall #earthquake confirmed


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Some photos from the opening of @LyellCentre