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Follow BGS staff on Twitter for insights into their work and our operations. Tweets from our staff may sometimes contain personal views which are not the views of the BGS unless specifically stated.


Mike Patterson @mpattersonBGS Chief Operating Officer
Mike Patterson

Mike Stephenson @ProfMikeBGS Director Science & Technology
Mike Stephenson

Energy, minerals and waste

Andrew Bloodworth @AndrewBGS Director Minerals & Waste
Andrew Bloodworth

Eimear Deady @Geo_Eimear Mineral resource geologist
Eimear Deady

Kathryn Goodenough @kmgoodenough Senior geologist
Kathryn Goodenough


Oliver Kuras @KurasBGS Research geophysicist
Oliver Kuras

Helen Reeves @BGS_Helen Engineering Geologist
Helen Reeves

Environmental change and impacts

Rachel Dearden @Rachel_Dearden Hydrogeologist
Rachel Dearden

Geological and geophysical surveys

Leanne Hughes @Leannes_space Survey geologist
Leanne Hughes

Geochemistry facilities

Jonathan Dean @jrdean_uk Stable isotope apprentice
Jonathan Dean

Angela Lamb @DrAngelaLamb Isotope geochemist
Angela Lamb

Melanie Leng @MelJLeng Isotope Geosciences
Melanie Leng

Groundwater science

Corinna Abesser @CAbesser_BGS Groundwater modeller
Corinna Abesser

Andrew Butcher @AB_Groundwater Hydrogeologist
Andrew Butcher

Emily Crane @EmilyCraneBGS Hydrogeologist
Emily Crane

Gareth Farr @GarethFarr1 Hydrogeologist
Gareth Farr

Andrew Newell @andrewjnewell1 Sedimentary geologist
Andrew Newell

Brighid Ó Dochartaigh @beodoch Hydrogeologist
Brighid Ó Dochartaigh

Information and environmental modelling

Bob McIntosh @ScotFot Librarian
Bob McIntosh

Katherine Royse @KatherineRoyse Science director environmental modelling
Katherine Royse


Sarah Nice @sarahnice1 Press officer, Geochemist
Sarah Nice

Lina Hannaford @BGSLina Editor
Lina Hannaford


Julia Crummy @JuliaCrummy Volcanologist
Julia Crummy

Anna Jayne Hicks @volcanna Volcanologist/Interdisciplinary scientist/Science communicator
Anna Jayne Hicks

Marine Geology

Heather Stewart @HeatherMarGeo Marine Geologist
Heather Stewart