What is the Soil Portal?


The NERC Soil Portal provides a gateway to discover, view and download large-scale soils property datasets from across NERC research centres.

It aims to bring together resources to improve our understanding of soils and to help answer key, policy led questions.

Soils contribute to numerous ecosystem services and supply a range of benefits to society. It is therefore essential that the soil resource is protected.

Through the improved knowledge and services developed using integrated data, the soil portal will ultimately help to create sustainable land management solutions to prevent degradation.

mySoil App

NERC mySoil App screenshot.

mySoil is a new free smartphone app from the BGS and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

mySoil lets you take a soil properties map of Britain with you wherever you go, helping you learn about the soil beneath your feet. For more information visit our mySoil page.

Soil Portal map viewer

NERC Soil Portal map viewer screenshot.

Data can be browsed, visualised and downloaded using our soil portal viewer and via the relevant
soil data
and soil map pages.

We are working to make more of our datasets readily accessible and will be adding new data and map content to these pages as it becomes available.

The NERC Soil Portal currently provides access to resources from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) and British Geological Survey (BGS)

Contact us

If you would like to collaborate with us and contribute to the content of this website, please contact the soil portal team via BGS enquiries


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Latest News

The NERC Soil Portal is being enhanced to include many other partners to become the UK Soil Observatory (UKSO). The UKSO launch will be on the 10th April in London. To find out more please contact enquiries@ceh.ac.uk.

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