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Centre for Environmental Geochemistry

The British Geological Survey and the University of Nottingham have announced a new research facility; the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry.

Visit the new Centre for Environmental Geochemistry website.

UK Soil Observatory (UKSO)

A gateway to discover soil property datasets; on the web or via smartphone apps

Read more about UK Soil Observatory (UKSO)

Athena Swan accreditation

BGS is very pleased to have been awarded with the Athena Swan Bronze award.

Read more about our Athena Swan accreditation

BGS Research Fellowship Programme

Research opportunities and how to apply

Read more about our Research Fellowships

Groundwater flooding in the UK

Exceptional and prolonged rainfall since late December 2013 has produced high river flows and groundwater flooding.

More about recent Groundwater flooding in the UK: February 2014

Mobile apps

Mobile icon Various mobile friendly versions of apps on the BGS website

BGS Geological Walk map

Cut out of the geological walk mapA walk through geological time at BGS Keyworth, now available to browse online


iGeology logo Smartphone App for geological map of Britain | learn about the rocks beneath your feet. iPhone App | Android App ... and iGeology3D!


iGeology logo Smartphone App for soil properties map of Britain | learn about the soil beneath your feet. iPhone App

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Laboratory work Geological survey and monitoring work. Read a selection of Current activities.

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3D geology Services and information for businesses, home-owners, policy-makers and the general public.

Our people

Emily Tracey Access to information about BGS staff and visitors, highlighting blogs and star staff.


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A free service where you can view maps and download photographs.

Citizen science

Citizen science logo Smartphone App for improving BGS datasets | GeoExposures, earthquakes, flooding, landslides. Android App or iPhone App and record to

Discovering geology

Ammonite fossilInformation and resources for learners.

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Global Mineral Statistics Centenary Symposium | 30th April 2014| London, 08/04/14

QICS Final Conference | 8 May 2014 | London, 26/02/14

NSGG Student Geophysics Symposium | 13th May 2014 | BGS Keyworth, 18/03/14

Civil Infrastructure and Technology Exhibition 2014 | 20-22 May 2014 | Earls Court 2, London, 28/08/13

Business 2014 - the geospatial event | 28-29 May | London, 04/03/14