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Directory of Mines and Quarries

Download the Directory of Mines and Quarries 2010

The British Geological Survey has been collecting information about working mines and quarries in the United Kingdom since its formation in 1835, and the current publication, the Directory of Mines and Quarries (DMQ), is still produced at regular intervals.

Recently, the DMQ has been derived from a database called BritPits which holds information on both active and ceased mineral workings, their geographic location, address, Operator, Mineral Planning Authority, site geology, mineral commodities produced and their subsequent end-uses. The data is held in a relational database using an Oracle server and a Microsoft Access front-end. There are over 140,000 records in the database and the number will continue to rise due to systematic surveying of former mineral sites in the UK.

Data is gathered from a number of sources: BGS's own extensive records, Mineral Planning Authorities (MPAs), the minerals industry and various central Government Departments and Agencies (DCLG, Coal Authority, etc). BGS believes that BritPits is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date sources available. The database can be used for many purposes: mailing lists, route planning, market intelligence/analysis, and resource planning, and data has been supplied to a wide range of customers.

The BGS can supply data on active mineral workings as either the printed Directory of Mines and Quarries or as digital database extracts in spreadsheet formats. It can also supply the data in GIS formats as ARC Shapefiles. More information on data available from BGS can be accessed through the Digital product pages.

A digital index to the locations of all the currently active mines and quarries can be viewed on the BGS website in the GeoIndex insert link to under the geology section.

The latest edition of the Directory of Mines and Quarries 2010 is available from BGS both as a pdf download (ISBN 978 0 85272 686-0) and also can be purchased as a short run digitally printed book (ISBN 978 0 85272 685-3) from the BGS online bookshop, price £25 plus £2.50 p&p purchase the Directory of Mines and Quarries on-line or telephone the BGS Sales Desk on 0115 936 3241.

Example of a mineral resource study using BRITPITS and other BGS databases, Click to enlarge. BGS©NERC
Map of Britain showing locations of all BRITPIT records. Click to enlarge. BGS©NERC