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Browser compatibility

This website is designed to be viewed using the latest browser versions at 1024x768 screen resolution, it will work at lower resolutions, but may require scrolling. It has been tested on PC and Macintosh platforms. For full functionality it is recommended that you use the latest version of your preferred browser.

The latest browser versions tested with this site are:

A minority of browsers may find that the text in the menus is too long and gets truncated. This might be due to a setting on your graphics card which displays text at an increased percentage of its actual size.

The capabilities of the browsers differ in many ways, not least in their support of the various versions of HTML, Javascript and CSS. We have tried as far as possible to keep the same formatting across all browsers on several platforms. If you find any errors we would like to hear from you, please e-mail the BGS Webmaster with a short description of the problem.